9 of the Warmest Fleece and Flannel Lined Jeans Available

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In cold weather, it can be hard keeping your legs warm, especially if you love wearing jeans. The solution is pretty simple; there are fantastic fleece and flannel-lined insulated jeans that will keep you warm, comfortable, and still looking great.

Whether you need them for working outside, shoveling, commuting, or have circulation issues that cause you to feel cold all the time, lined pants will help you beat the cold without having to give up the look and feel of your regular jeans.

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Carhartt Men’s Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Flannel Lined

Carhartt Men's Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Flannel Lined

An excellent place to get lined jeans is from the brand Carhartt. A lot of their carpenter styles are super strong and warm if you are working outside for long periods.

They also have regular style jeans like their Men’s Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Flannel Lined that are also great if you have to work outdoors. This design is a relaxed fit that is indigo colored; it is also straight-leg with lots of extra room on the seat and the thigh.

It is made of 100 % cotton denim and has quite a wide leg opening, so you can get the bottom of the pant over work boots if needed.

Carhartt denim can often be a little stiffer initially than other brands, but the material is super durable, and once broken-in most men find them quite comfortable. The legs on this style are pretty big, and the overall look is a little bulky, but are okay if you are working outdoors and want to stay warm. The flannel lining isn’t overly thick, but it will keep you warm, while also being very soft and comfortable.

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L.L. Bean Fleece and Flannel Lined Jeans

L.L. Bean Fleece and Flannel Lined Jeans

L.L. Bean is one of the best places to get men’s lined pants. Most of their styles are classic, relaxed, or natural fit, but they do have a slim/straight option if that is more your style.

Generally, the L.L Bean lined designs come in a stonewashed color, and the is thing is that you can get them in either fleece or flannel lined. Which is better would depend on your personal preferences, but the consensus seems to be that the fleece L.L Bean options are significantly warmer than the flannel. So if you need jeans for long periods outside, go with the fleece-lined, and if you need jeans for indoor and shorter periods outside (walks, shoveling, commuting), go with the flannel lined.

L.L Bean clothes are always high quality and tend to last quite a long time. The other nice aspect of the L.L Bean styles compared to a brand like Carhartt is that the fabric is prewashed, so it is soft and more flexible when you first put it on, so there is no break-in period.

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Lee Men’s Fleece and Flannel Lined Relaxed-Fit Straight-Leg Jeans

Lee Men's Fleece and Flannel Lined Relaxed-Fit Straight-Leg Jeans

This Men’s Fleece and Flannel Lined Relaxed-Fit Straight-Leg option from Lee comes in either fleece or flannel lining. Of the four colors for this style, the ones that look like jeans are lined with a brown fleece, while the colors that look like chinos are lined with plaid flannel. The leg opening is around 18″, so they are big enough for work boots.

Most of the reviews for this pant say while both styles are super comfortable, the fleece options are much warmer than the flannel options.

Surprisingly, the design of these jeans is quite stylish and relatively modern, not quite what one may expect from Lee. Another great thing about this style is that it isn’t expensive, yet it is made with durable, decent quality materials.

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Fredd Marshall Fleece Lined Skinny Slim Fit Warm Stretch Jeans

Fredd Marshall Fleece Lined Skinny Slim Fit Warm Stretch Jeans

For those who love a pair of skinny jeans and want to stay warm in the winter, there aren’t a lot of pants available. One lean option that we found was the Fredd Marshall Men’s Fleece Lined Skinny Winter Slim Fit Thicken Warm Stretch Jeans.

Most reviews say that they are more of a slim fit than a skinny fit, which is probably good since skinny-fit-lined pants might be a tad uncomfortable if you have no room for moving around. Since lined pants can add a bit of bulk to your look, it is hard to make a slim style that looks good that is comfortable to wear, but this design from Fredd Marshall seems to do the job.

They come in 8 colors, including black, which is very hard to find in lined slim-fit pants. The fleece on the inside is reportedly quite thick and super warm, yet is comfortable and breathable.

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Weatherproof Vintage 1948 Fleece-Lined Jeans Classic Straight Leg

Weatherproof Vintage 1948 Fleece-Lined Jeans Classic Straight Leg

The Weatherproof Vintage 1948 Fleece-Lined Jeans Classic Straight Leg is available on Amazon. These pants have a great look to them and are relatively inexpensive. They are a classic straight-leg style that looks pretty modern and comes in an attractive darker wash.

The lining is fleece, so they are going to be very warm. They are also reportedly less bulky than other pairs of lined options, are well made, and fit well.

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Cabela's lined jeans

Cabela’s have a few different lined jean options to choose from that are worth a look, especially if you are looking for designs that are durable and warm enough for working outdoors.

They sell styles from Lee and Carhartt, among other brands. The prices are reasonable, and the styles are mostly relaxed fit with a mix of fleece or flannel options.

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Wrangler Authentics Men’s Fleece Lined 5 Pocket Pant

Wrangler Authentics Men's Fleece Lined 5 Pocket Pant
The Wrangler Authentics Men’s Fleece Lined 5 Pocket Pant is a versatile style that can work well from the farm to the office (if it is a super casual office). They are said to be very warm and comfortable when out in the cold or when you are inside.

The only thing you should be aware of with this style is that the fleece lining is brown, which is a different color choice, so you may want to consider that if you like to roll up the cuff on the pant.

The Wrangler Authentics has a broken-in look and feel right out of the package. It is an excellent pair of lined pants for older people who have circulation problems. Overall they are known for being good value, long-lasting, warm, and comfy.

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Dickies Men’s Relaxed Fit Flannel Lined Jean

Dickies Men's Relaxed Fit Flannel Lined Jean

Dickies are a reliable option, especially for work clothes if you need tough styles, that are good quality and have a good design.

Their jeans are lined with flannel and are a relaxed fit, so there is room to move around if you are pretty active during your day. The lining makes these warm and comfortable in cold weather, so they work very well as work pants.

Dickies aren’t the cheapest option, but they are very durable and will work well for anyone looking for good, warm jeans.

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Eddie Bauer Flannel-Lined Flex Jeans

Eddie Bauer Flannel-Lined Flex Jeans

Last but not least are the Eddie Bauer Flannel-Lined Flex Jeans. What is great about Eddie Bauer’s styles is that they are a good quality that is, for the most part, modern and stylish.

The jeans are 98% cotton with a little bit of spandex added to the fabric blend for stretch. The lining is 100% cotton flannel that is warm yet breathable and sweat-wicking. Overall the Eddie Bauer lined pants are a pretty good choice as far as quality for the price you are paying.

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Lined jeans are an excellent option to keep warm on a cold winter day while maintaining a casual appearance. They are great for men who don’t like to wear thermal layers or snow pants and are generally pretty comfy to wear.

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