The Best Uniform Shirts for Girls

Best Uniform Shirts for Girls

When you are looking for a good school uniform shirt for your child, comfort makes all the difference. Finding the perfect shirt can be a daunting task.

To save you some effort, we’ve rounded up the best shirts and polos that are perfect for a long school day. Since they have to be worn every day for school, it’s essential to have more than one top on hand, and we want to make sure you’re stocked with the best. With that in mind, we have created a list of the best options the internet has to offer.

Since so many kids need school clothes, it’s no surprise that there is an overwhelming number of options available. So to help you sift through them all and find the best choice for your girl. Keep reading to see the seven girls’ uniform shirts that customers love the most.


Gap Polos

Gap Polos

Every parent knows the importance of a great uniform shirt for their child. You need an incredibly comfortable top, but it also needs to look good and meet school dress codes. A great place to find such a shirt is at Gap.

They have tops that are super flattering, versatile, and are easy to move around in.  The polo that is pictured is made of a soft jersey knit that is 97% cotton, with 3% spandex, so it has a little bit of stretch and is breathable, durable, and should last throughout the school year.

It is a straight fit that is a bit more flattering than wearing a boys polo (that would generally have more of a boxy look), and it will hit most girls at the hip. If you can catch them on sale, they are excellent quality at a very affordable price.

They don’t shrink and are known for holding their color well. They also came in a variety of sizes. One thing to note about this design is that the buttons are white and not color-coordinated with the color of the rest of the design if you get a color other than white.

Available from

Old Navy Polos

Old Navy Polos

Old Navy sells both long and short sleeve polos, with the more popular option being the short sleeve polo. Like the Gap top pictured, the Old Navy Polo is a 97% cotton and 3 % spandex blend, but it is a pique weave rather than a jersey knit (pique is the slightly textured weave that is a little bit like a very small tight waffle knit).

This design features vented sides at the hem for comfort, and that also adds a bit of room, so the shirt doesn’t fit really tightly. This pick comes in an excellent range of colors, including the difficult-to-find maroon color. Old Navy usually keeps a good stock of their uniform pieces that are always affordable and often on sale.

Available from Old Navy

Land’s End School Uniform Girls Short Sleeve Feminine Fit Interlock Polo

Land's End School Uniform Girls Short Sleeve Feminine Fit Interlock Polo Land’s End is an always reliable retailer to find excellent quality uniform items in a fantastic range of colors. They have partnerships with many schools, which is helpful if you need to get a logo added.

A popular top that they sell is the School Uniform Girls Short Sleeve Feminine Fit Interlock Polo. It is a 100% very soft cotton interlock that won’t fade or shrink and is designed for a girl’s body shape, so many people find the fit to be comfy and to look good. These polos are pricier than other places, but many parents find the good quality justifies the higher price.

Available from Land’s End

The Children’s Place Girls Uniform Ruffle Pique Polo

The Children's Place Girls Uniform Ruffle Pique Polo

If you are shopping for a younger girl who loves a feminine style, you may want to check out the Children’s Place Uniform Ruffle Pique Polo. This is a charming style that is made of a comfy 97% cotton and 3% spandex pique.

The cotton has been prewashed for softness and to prevent shrinkage. The standout feature is the button-front placket with ruffle trim. This probably isn’t a great style for older girls, but it may make it a bit easier to get younger girls dressed in the morning if they love a feminine look. Like most Children’s Place clothing, this is a durable item that washes and wears well.

Available from The Children’s Place

Nautica Big Girls School Uniform Ruffle Button Placket Polo

Nautica Big Girls School Uniform Ruffle Button Placket Polo

Another option if you like the ruffled button placket look is Nautica Big Girls School Uniform Ruffle Button Placket Polo. Parents and kids who have bought these shirts really love them. This design is a cotton/polyester blend that has a lovely soft feel to it.

Some customers find the colors are not entirely accurate if you are ordering online, so if you can check them out in person before purchasing. The other thing to mention about this design is that it lasts the entire school year, the color stays intact without fading, and they fit well.

They are also soft, very comfortable, and can stay cool on hot days. If you are looking for high-quality with a feminine look that stays within school dress code guidelines, this could very well be the style for your child.

Available from Macy’s

Short-Sleeve Interlock Polo with Picot Collar (Feminine Fit)

Short-Sleeve Interlock Polo with Picot Collar

One of the most popular brands that parents turn to to make school uniform shopping easy is French Toast. They have a lot of tops with The Short Sleeve Interlock Polo with Picot Collar (Feminine Fit) being one of its most popular styles for girls. It is a cotton-poly blend, so it is durable, and it has standard polo styling.

They also sell a 97 % cotton polo that has slightly pleated puffed sleeves that may be a little bit softer and has a more feminine look to it. Like most French Toast clothes, this shirt is excellent quality and a good fit.

The color and fabric stand up well to wear and laundering. The feminine fit is neither super slim nor form-fitting while also not being boxy, which a lot of parents and kids appreciate.

Available from Amazon or French Toast

Wonder Nation Girls School Uniform Short Sleeve Interlock Polo

Wonder Nation Girls School Uniform Short Sleeve Interlock Polo

If you are looking for a great bargain, you will want to check out the Wonder Nation Girls School Uniform Short Sleeve Interlock Polo two-pack. You can stock up on this style without worrying about the cost.

They are standard polo designs that are tagless for comfort and are made with a soft cotton polyester blend that most families find holds up pretty well throughout the school year. The material of the polo is 60% cotton 40% polyester that is neither too thick and not too thin. It also has the super useful feature of a label inside the neck that says who the shirt belongs to.

Available from

What to Look For:

Sleeves– If you are shopping for a polo style, be careful of the sleeve length and check to see if the sleeves have puffed shoulders. Younger girls often love the slightly puffed sleeves, while older girls do not generally like this style.

Fabric– For the most part, uniform tops are going to be either 100% cotton or a cotton-poly blend. Most of the shirts designed for girls don’t use the super breathable performance fabrics that are starting to get popular on some of the boy’s styles. Cotton designs will, for the most part, be more breathable than the polyesters styles while the poly-cotton blends are usually more durable, stain-resistant, and will last longer.

Fit- There is no reason that you can’t shop in the boy’s section for a girl if you are looking for a uniform polo, especially if you are having trouble finding a particular color. The only thing to keep in mind is that the cut of the shirt will be a big baggy and mostly likely somewhat boxy. If you want a fit that works better for a female shape, you can look for styles that have a feminine fit. Feminine fit just means that it is designed to fit a bit closer to the body and will generally look better on a female.

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