The Best Uniform Pants for Girls

Three examples of the best uniform pants for girls

Finding the right pair of girls’ uniform pants that reflect your child’s style and that also is comfortable can be challenging for some parents.

Whether you’re looking for the best styles for school or dress pants suitable for concerts or fancier occasions, here are the best options to consider—no matter size, body type, or budget.

Perhaps surprisingly, some uniform designs don’t have to be unfashionable or uncomfortable; we have found fits like skinny, bootcut, and straight that she will love and parents will love because they are designed to last and are affordable.

To keep your child looking their best throughout the school year, read on for the seven most wearable and versatile uniform pants for your girl that can help make getting dressed for the school year so much easier.

The Children’s Place Girls’ Uniform Bootcut Pant

The Children's Place Girls' Uniform Bootcut Pant
The Children’s Place Girls’ Uniform Pants are a classic design that comes in a variety of colors. They are a very durable style that can withstand a lot of what your kids will put them through.

If your child is young and spends a lot of time sitting on the floor or crawling around, you may find the knees wear out, but these slacks are usually priced so low that if you get them on sale, you can generally justify replacing them as they wear out.

The pre-washed cotton is also very comfy and soft and has a little bit of spandex added for a bit of stretch. Like a lot of children’s pants, they come with an adjustable waistband so you can get a good fit on the waist. They (mostly) come clean when there are stains, have a good fit for most kids, and are comfortable.

Available from The Children’s Place

Amazon Essentials Girls’ Flat Front Uniform Chino

Amazon Essentials Girls' Flat Front Uniform Chino

The Amazon Essentials Girls’ Flat Front Uniform Chino is another inexpensive option that is worth checking out if you are looking for a design that will get your child through the school year in comfort.

The fabric is 97% cotton and 3% elastane for a slight stretch. Most parents find the material to be of good quality that stands up well to wear.

These are an excellent slim, feminine fit that many find to be neither too loose nor too tight. Some parents find the length to be a bit long, but that could be a plus or a minus, depending on what you are looking for.

Available from Amazon

French Toast Girls’ Pull-On Twill Pant

French Toast Girls' Pull-On Twill Pant

These French Toast Girls’ Pull-On Twill Pants are made from a soft yet sturdy cotton material that holds up well, even for kids who are a little rough on their clothes.

They have an adjustable waist and a slight stretch to the fabric that makes them easy to move around in. They feature functional slash front and back welt pockets.

Some parents find the sizing to be a bit off on this style, so if you are interested and are ordering online, make sure you read any sizing recommendations carefully. Like other French Toast designs, they are known for washing well and not fading.

Available from Amazon

Gap Kids Uniform Ponte Pants

If you are looking for a fit that is a bit more fashionable, you may want to check out Gaps Kids Uniform Ponte Pants; these are a lot of girls’ favorite styles of slacks.

The key to the popularity of this design is the incredibly soft stretch jersey and the fact that they are comfy leggings that look like pants that can get past some school dress codes.

If your school is very strict, they may not be the right choice for you, but they do have belt loops that help give them a bit of a classic ‘uniform’ look.

Available from Gap

Old Navy Skinny Uniform Pants for Girls

Old Navy Skinny Uniform Pants for Girls

Another slimmer fit style that a lot of girls prefer is the Old Navy Skinny Uniform Pants for Girls. Old Navy has several uniform designs; if you are looking to get away from the skinny designs, they also have a very popular bootcut.

The skinny fit style that is pictured has the all-important Interior adjustable waistband along with diagonal on-seam pockets in the front and faux welt pockets in the back. The fabric is a soft, brushed cotton twill that has a little bit of stretch to it.

They come in slim, regular, and plus sizes from sizes 8 to 20, so there is something for almost everyone. Since they are Old Navy, they are also affordable for everyone.

Available from

Land’s End Uniform Plain Front Chino

Land's End Uniform Girls Perfect Fit Iron Knee Blend Plain Front Chino

The Land’s End School Uniform Girls Perfect Fit Iron Knee Blend Plain Front Chinos are a super durable option that has reinforced patched ‘Iron Knees’ for those who find that the knees wear out too quickly on their children’s clothes.

They are made from a wrinkle-resistant 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend, and they have both front and back pockets, along with an adjustable inner waistband.

These are slightly longer lengths, but Lands’ End will hem them for free on the bigger sizes.

Available from Lands’ End

Wonder Nation Girls School Uniform Stretch Twill Pants

Wonder Nation Girls School Uniform Stretch Twill Pants

Wonder Nation Girls School Uniform Stretch Twill Pants are a fantastic budget option that is both comfy and relatively fashionable. They are made from a stretch twill that is a blend of 97% cotton and 3% spandex.

They have an adjustable elastic waistband that is sewn onto the inside of the waist, so you will never lose the elastic band inside the waist, and a reinforced knee that works well for kids who love to play hard.

The other notable features are the stain release treatment the fabric has been put through and the two front slant and two back welt pockets. They are known for keeping their color after being washed and stand up well to everyday kid wear and tear. This option is practical, comfortable, and economical.

Available from

What You Need to Know:

Length- Traditional school pants often come with an extra-long length and will need to be hemmed, which adds an extra cost. Some of the styles from Old Navy, Children’s Place, or Gap are regular pant lengths and won’t have to be hemmed depending on the height of your child.

Fit– Luckily, these days, you can find uniform-colored pants that have different fits, including slim and skinny, and bootcut, along with a traditional straight leg. You will have to check with your school’s dress code if there are any restrictions on the fit.

Fabric– Cotton tends to have a softer, more comfortable feel to it but isn’t as durable as polyester blended fabrics. Polyester blends are also usually able to resist staining better and tend to get less wrinkled.

Stain Resistant– A fabric that has a stain-resistant wash or a stain-resistant fabric is a great feature to extend the life of the clothes. However, the material may be treated with a chemical that isn’t great for health or for kids who have sensitive skin.

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