The Best Uniform Pants for Boys

An example of one of the best pairs of uniform pants for boys

The best uniform pants for boys should not only fit well but look great. Finding a uniform design that works best for your child can be a bit more challenging than finding a regular pair of pants.

Since bodies come in many different shapes and sizes, finding that perfect design that your boy will want to wear every day isn’t the most straightforward task. To further complicate it, material, length, waist sizing, all play into what makes that perfect style for wearing during a long school day.

Luckily most styles these days are made from a comfortable stretch fabric, come in an extensive range of fits that don’t restrict, and usually have adjustable elasticized waistbands. Since kids have to wear their uniform pants every single day, they must have a pair that are easy to wear and comfortable.

So, whether selecting the best school options for a little boy or a higher schooler, below, you will find the nine best and most comfortable boys’ uniform pants that are worth your money.

Gap Kids Uniform Straight Khakis with Gap Shield

Gap Kids Uniform Straight Khakis with Gap Shield

Gap Kids Uniform Straight Khakis with Gap Shield are a fantastic option for every day, especially for boys who are rough on their clothes. The standout feature of this design is the Gap Shield, which does a great job of keeping stains out.

Most parents also love the fit of these khakis that are modern and stylish yet still meet school dress codes. They have a button at the waist (sizes 4-8 have a hook & bar closure beneath faux snap for easy on and off), and are made from 98% cotton, blended with 2% spandex, so they are breathable, and the spandex gives them a slight stretch for nice room of movement.

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Old Navy Straight Built-In Flex Uniform Pants for Boys

Old Navy Straight Built-In Flex Uniform Pants for Boys

The Old Navy Straight Built-In Flex Uniform Pants are an excellent option for school at a reasonable price. These are another well worth checking out option if your boy likes a bit of stretch in his clothes.

They also have quite a slim fit, so if your child is style-conscious, they may be a good design for him since a slim fit tends to be a bit more of a trendy look.

The notable features are an interior adjustable waistband, a hook-and-bar closure with a decorative button in sizes 5-8 and a regular button closure in sizes 10-18, and reinforced knees. The fabric is a soft cotton twill that, as mentioned, is a little bit stretchy, so they are comfortable for moving around, and it holds up well for kids who are very rough on their clothes.

Available from Old Navy

The Children’s Place Boys’ Uniform Chinos

The Children's Place Boys' Uniform Chinos

The Children’s Place Boys’ Uniform Chinos are go-to pants for school for a lot of parents. The great thing about Children’s Place is they almost always stock a good selection of colors and sizes, so you can usually find what you are looking for, and if you get their clothes on sale, the prices can be pretty great for quite good quality and comfy styles.

The chinos pictured are 100% cotton twill that is comfy and soft. They aren’t going to be as durable as some of the cotton-poly blend styles, so you will probably get some wear at the knees and will have to replace them, but it is a bit of a trade-off with the comfort level and the price vs. durable fabrics that aren’t quite as soft.

The fit is classic, so it isn’t too narrow, which provides a bit of extra room for movement. They wash and wear well and hold up to lots of washings.

Available from The Children’s Place

French Toast Boys’ Big Pull-On Relaxed Fit School Uniform Pant

French Toast Boys' Big Pull-On Relaxed Fit School Uniform Pant

These French Toast Boys’ Big Pull-On Relaxed Fit School Uniform Pant is made from a durable cotton-polyester blend that is an excellent option if your child is tough on his clothes. They feature a hook and bar closure, so they are easy to do up and undo. They are also made of a ‘Wrinkle No More’ fabric and have a ‘Power Knee’ fabric reinforced for extra protection.

They also have an adjustable waist and front and back pockets. The fabric on this design has a reputation for being a bit stiff and quite thick, which can be off-putting for some people but works well if you are looking for durability. If you have a child who has sensitive skin, they probably aren’t the best option.

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Wonder Nation Boys School Uniform Twill Chinos

Wonder Nation Boys School Uniform Twill Chinos

Wonder Nation School Uniform Twill Chinos are comfy to wear, made to last, and available in a variety of colors. The design is straight leg, so they look neither too skinny nor too loose. They have lots of pockets: two front and two back.

The fabric is a twill chino fabric that is  97% cotton and 3% spandex that is sturdy and can stand up to the roughest wear (they also have a reinforced knee). They tend to run a bit small, so if you are interested in this style, you may want to consider sizing up.

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Dickies Boys’ Flexwaist Flat Front Straight Leg Pant

Dickies Boys' Flexwaist Flat Front Straight Leg Pant
Another great style, if you are looking for durability, is the Dickies Flexwaist Flat Front Straight Leg Pant. These are a popular 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend option that your child will most likely outgrow before they show any wear and tear.

They do not have the Dickies logo on them, in case you were wondering. They have a Hook and Eye closure, don’t hold stains, don’t get very wrinkled, and are fade-resistant. They also have very useful reinforced knees for extra durability.

Available from Amazon

Lands’ End School Uniform Iron Knee Blend Plain Front Chinos

Lands' End School Uniform Iron Knee Blend Plain Front Chinos If knees wearing out is a problem for your child, you will want to check out these Lands’ End School Uniform Boys Iron Knee Blend Plain Front Chinos. They are a durable 60% cotton/40% polyester fabric that is another pick that your boy will probably grow out of before they wear out, so they make excellent hand-me-downs.

They are made with something Lands’ End calls Iron Knees®, which is a hidden polyester interlining at the knees. Some parents find these pants to be a bit too long, so they will most likely have to be hemmed.  They come in an incredible array of sizes, so if you have a child who you have trouble finding sizing that fits properly, these may be a good option.

Available from Lands’ End

What You Need to Know:

Hem– Many uniform pants come with an extra-long hem and need to be altered. If you find pant sizing at places like Gap or Children’s Place generally works for your child, and you don’t want to have the extra cost of having clothes hemmed (if you aren’t in a position to hem them yourself), you may want to consider those styles before the traditional school retailers like French Toast or Lands’ End.

Colors- Most retailers stock most of the standard colors that you will be looking for. If you are having trouble finding a particular color and size, Children’s Place usually has a good stock throughout the year, and French Toast is also always reliable, although you may have to order directly from their website rather than Amazon.

Fit– Depending on how strict the dress code you are buying for is, there is quite a wide variety of fits that you can find in uniform designs. Since the general style of pants over the last few years has been a slim or skinny fit, it isn’t surprising that kids aren’t super keen on the classic baggy fits that are the more traditional school look. Gap and Old Navy have some great slimmer fit options, and even French Toast and Lands’ End have updated some of their styles to make the legs less wide.

Fabric- School pants pretty much either come in a cotton-polyester blend or a high cotton blend with a small amount of fabric, like spandex, to give them a bit of stretch. Poly blends are the most durable but can be quite thick and less breathable than cotton options. Cotton does tend to wear out at the knees if the kids are on the floor a lot, as younger kids can be. If your child is sensitive to fabrics, cotton will be the softer, more comfy option.

Stain Resistant– Some of the different retailers have stain-resistant fabric that can help make the pants a bit easier to clean.

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