Ten of the Most Popular Backpack Brands for Kids

Kids always need backpacks but buying a good quality backpack that will meet all of your requirements, including those of your kids, can be a little easier said than done. You have to take into consideration, size, durability, and, of course, fashion if you are going to get a style that will keep your little one happy throughout the school year.

We have rounded up a few of the most popular and coolest backpack brands that feature stylish, comfortable, and sturdy backpacks that your preschoolers, kindergartners, and school-aged kids will love.

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1. Herschel

Herschel Kids Backpack

The Herschel Supply Company has quickly become the go-to backpack brand for many families. Their popularity has surged in recent years, and you can find these distinctive-looking backpacks all over the place.

They have some different sizes and styles of bags that will suit kids of all sizes and ages that come in a wide range of beautiful patterns and colors.  Price $40-$300

Available through Herschel or check prices on Amazon.

2. Fjällräven Kanken Mini

Fjällräven Kanken Mini

These very popular, functional, and durable backpacks that were originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978 are one of the most fashionable brands going.

The Kånken styles are made out of durable, lightweight Vinylon F, a water-resistant fabric that softens with age and washes while becoming more robust as the fibers in the fabric tighten from use. This design has a large main compartment along with two side pockets and a zippered pocket in the front. The logo doubles as a reflector.

They come in a rainbow of colors and are the perfect size for kids who need a small bag to carry belongings back and forth to school.

Price $70, available through Fjallraven, or check the price on Amazon.

3. Jansport

Jansport has been pumping out quality backpacks since 1967, so they know what they are doing. If you haven’t been lucky enough to own one of these bags yourself, you will have known someone who has owned one of these ubiquitous brands’ products.

Jansport has been stepping up its game in recent years with some new designs and unusual patterns (see picture).

Available through Jansport $25- $50.

4. Under Armour Boys’ Storm Scrimmage 2.0 Backpack

Under Armour Boys' Storm Scrimmage 2.0 Backpack

The Under Armour Boys’ Storm Scrimmage 2.0 Backpack is the perfect size for elementary and middle school kids. It has a slightly different shape than the Scrimmage 1.0 (the dimensions are slightly smaller and it is more oval than before).

It comes in a great variety of colors and patterns, and it looks super cool, so you know your kids will love it. It is good quality and will be able to withstand whatever your kids will put it through.

Available from Amazon

5. Obersee Kids Pre-School All-In-One Backpack with Cooler

This trendy design features a front pocket that doubles as a lunch cooler, so you don’t have to bother with a separate lunch bag. It’s pretty small, so not for kids older than kindergarten.

Price: $29.99 available online at Amazon.com

6. Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Backpack

Skiphop Unicorn Backpack

The Skip Hop Zoo line of backpacks are wildly popular for preschool kids. Their small size and colorful designs along, with cute features like rainbow zippers, make them a massive hit with very young kids.

Price: $19.99 on Amazon.com

7. L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean Kids backpack

L.L. Bean has long been synonymous with back-to-school backpacks, and they continue to produce high-quality products for students of all ages. Their packs are incredibly durable, come in lots of different styles and colors, and will last your children for years.

Their most popular models for younger kids are the Deluxe School Book Pack and the Junior Original Book Pack.

Available through L.L. Bean

8. Dakine Backpacks

Dakine 2 Backpack
DaKine is known for its innovative gear for surfing, boarding, skiing, mountain biking, and other outdoor pursuits. They have a tonne of styles of backpacks with different sizes, their most famous being the Heli Pro.

Dakine bags are durable, comfortable, and very stylish. Check out their 101, Grom (very small), and Girls Prom Pack styles.

Find on Backcountry.com

9. Kipling’s Seoul Laptop Backpack

Kipling Backpack

This super cute Seoul Backpack is Kipling’s best-selling backpack. It comes with standard padded shoulder straps and is nylon with a nylon interior.

You get a one-year warranty with it, so if you have any trouble, you can get a replacement. It also has a protective sleeve for those lucky kids who have laptops.

Available through Amazon $80

10. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Kids backpack

Pottery Barn has been the go-to spot for many a parent in search of the best backpack for their little ones. What makes PB’s backpacks so good is that you can get them in four different sizes including a rolling style and a size for kids who are pre-k.

They have so many different collections including lots of pretty styles, as well as a Heroes and Villains collection with Marvel and Star Wars characters.

You can get most of the packs personalized with your child’s name for an additional $10. They are slightly pricey, but the quality is good, and you will get more than a few years out of them.

Price: $29.50-$74.5 at Pottery Barn Kids

Mike MacDonald