Popular Nose Hair Trimmers for Women

Updated May 15, 2018

Perhaps you have seen the man in your life using an electric nose hair trimmer (also known as nose clippers or shavers) and wondered to yourself about these handy little gadgets.  They are generally marketed only to men, but many women use these nose hair trimmers as well.

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Everybody has nose hair, but for some women nose hair can be a problem. Nose hairs do serve an important purpose, but things like hormonal changes or genetics can mean that some people have more hair than others, causing embarrassment and self-consciousness.  Getting rid of the overgrown hairs is thankfully very easy and painless to do.


Should women trim their nose hair?

Yes, it is fine to trim your nose hair although there are a few things you need to be aware of. First, don’t go crazy with the trimmers, unsightly as it may be, nose hair does serve a purpose. It is a vital part of your immune system, when you breathe through your nose, your nose hair helps to trap bacteria and pollutants, and stop them from entering your system.

You have two types of nose hair: the thin light cilia and the thicker, courser hairs that start to appear as you age. The thick hair is what women find embarrassing and want to get rid of. Doing this is very easy and painless, as long as you only trim the hair that is showing. There is no need to remove all the hair, just the most visible parts

The other thing that you need to remember is to never pluck your nose hair. Not only is it super painful, it can lead to infections and problems elsewhere in the body. Basically if you pluck a hair and it bleeds, the blood can let bacteria grow in your nose and possibly enter your bloodstream.

What ways do women use to remove nose hair?

You have a few different options if you are looking to get rid of your nose hair; you can use nose hair scissors, electric trimmers, waxing kits, or you can pluck with tweezers (not recommended).  Trimmers and scissors are inexpensive and relatively pain free, while waxing is inexpensive but does involve some discomfort.

Electric trimmers are usually battery operated and are also easy to find at most major retailers. You can purchase electric trimmer for around $10, and it should last a number of years. You don’t need to replace the blade, but you should follow the cleaning direction to avoid any potential infections or health issues resulting from not cleaning the device properly.

Nose hair scissors have special rounded tips that are designed to cut hair in sensitive areas snip it with curve-tipped scissors, with no sharp edges. These clipper are inexpensive and easy to find at any drug store or major retailer that has a cosmetics section.  Never use scissors with a sharp end that could damage the skin inside of your nose.

Nose Hair Waxing Kits are specifically designed to wax the inside of your nose(see below). I can’t even think about this without my eyes watering, but people love to wax so if you can handle it, all the more power to you.

Do women really use nose hair trimmers?

Actually yes, Panasonic has even created an electric nose hair trimmer just for women called the Ladies Discrete Hair Trimmer. This design is the most like the other nose trimmers that are marketed to men. There is no reason women can’t use one of the models that are marketed to men, it really doesn’t need to be a gender specific product. Electric trimmers are actually pretty fun to use, the blades are covered, so there is no chance of a blood bath, although there is a chance of a hair catching and being pulled out that can be somewhat painful. See below for Trimmer recommendations.

If you do decide to get an electric nose trimmer make sure to read the instructions and follow the cleaning procedure that the instructions recommend. Also, don’t get too deep into your nose; just trim the visible hairs that other people may notice.

Do nose hair trimmers hurt?

For the most part, no, nose hair trimmers don’t hurt. Occasionally a hair may get pulled which can be painful, but on the whole, it is a quick, painless process to use an electric trimmer.

A lot of individuals remove the hair by tweezing it, if you can handle that, you will have no problem using a trimmer or the curved tip scissors that don’t hurt at all.

What are the best nose hair trimmers for women?

Nose hair trimmers are very efficient in trimming off long and untidy nose hairs, and are faster to use than scissors. Here are the best reviewed and most popular electric trimmers to help make getting rid of nose hair a snap.

Panasonic ER-GN25VP Ladies Discrete Hair Trimmer

This is a great option for women who want to trim their nose hair with a trimmer but are a unsure about using other shavers, or just want something that has a more feminine design. This Panasonic trimmer is very small, and it kind of looks like a pen, so you can easily slip it into your purse and take it with your when you are out and about or travelling. You can use it for eyebrows and other facial hair, as well as your nose hair. It is easy to wash and clean. It has a rotating inner blade that will cut the hair without pulling it. It also has a skin guard that prevents the blade from touching the skin on the inside of your nose.

Available from Amazon.com


Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Lithium Ion Precision Trimmer

This is another inexpensive, basic model that is very compact and easy to use. It has a nose hair attachment, as well as attachments that can be used on the body, face, and bikini area.It is lightweight, precise and easy to clean.

Available from Amazon

Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Trimmer

This is one of Panasonic’s most popular and best rated trimmers. This model is cool because it has a Vacuum System that pulls all of the hair you have trimmed into a collection chamber, keeping your nose and ear free of debris – so you don’t get that itchy feeling of things catching in your nose. It also has curved hypo-allergenic, stainless steel blades that makes sure the proper amount of hairs are left for natural filtering. It is a little more expensive than some of the other basic models, but only by a few dollars and the extra features are worth it.

Available from Amazon.com


Philips Norelco Nose Trimmer 3100

This is Phillips most basic model. It is inexpensive and will work well if you are just looking for a nose trimmer. The other models in this series including the 3300 and the popular 5100 aren’t worth the extra cost if you are just looking for a trimmer, since they give you extra pieces that are good for trimming eyebrows and whatnot. The only difference between the 3100 and the 3200 is some minor design difference with the color and finishing.

Available from Amazon.com


Nose Hair Scissors

These are a fantastic little device. Nose hair scissors are super cheap, easy to get, and they get the job done with very little chance of hurting yourself.  The price range for these scissors is from around $5 up to $30 for some brands that are made in Europe. The best rated and most popular are the models priced around $12. Make sure you are getting the clippers with the rounded edge, that is the whole point of these scissors.

If you have a pair of these that you have been using for a while, make sure they aren’t getting too dull, dull blades will make it harder to cut the hair and could potentially cause some pain if they end up pulling the hair.  Also only clip the visible hairs, don’t clip everything in there, just the hair that other people are going to be able to see.


NAD’s Nose Wax for Men & Women


Waxing is another option for those who can stand the pain that comes along with waxing. Nad’s handy system helps make waxing a little more pleasant. Nad’s is a complete DIY nose wax for men and women. It uses a specially formulated hard wax that has chamomile and aloe that you apply into your nose with a specially designed applicator. It just gets the hair around the nostril, only pulling out the hairs that are obviously sticking out or that other people can see. The results leave you nose hair free for weeks, and if you use it regularly your nose hair growth slows down.

Available from Amazon.com

The Bottom Line

No one likes to have hair sticking out of their nose for everyone to see, luckily there are lots of ways to get rid of unsightly nose hair. Easy to use trimmers and curved tips scissors are inexpensive and an easy way to remove nose hair. If you are a little more pain tolerant you can try waxing. Just be careful not to remove all of your nose hair, as it does play an important part of your immune system.