8 of the Best Scrunchie Brands

Last Updated on 22 October 2020 by Marie Davis

Scrunchies are super cute and are a great way to add some color and texture to your look. They also have the added benefit of being healthier for your hair than regular hair ties that can damage and rip out your hair. The new generation of scrunchies are less bulky than those from the nineties, but they have the benefit of being able to grip your hair thoroughly, and they don’t cause dents in your hairstyle. You can pretty much get them in any color you can imagine in soft luxurious fabrics that go with a lot of outfits. They are often sold in rainbow-colored multipacks, but you can also get some pretty high-end styles that use the best fabrics to ensure you get the most benefit from them. We have rounded up some of the best and brightest in the scrunchies world, scroll down to learn more.


Large Slipsilk™ Scrunchies

Slipsilk are the Rolls Royce of scrunchies. They come in a set of three (in colors like black, pink, or caramel ) that uses a special type of elastic surrounded by high-grade silk called Slipsilk™. The primary motive of designing these hair accessories was to help eliminate kinks and stop hair loss or damage that can come when you wear traditional hair ties. It isn’t a product that you will use if you are looking to have a tight ponytail since the silk makes them a little bit more slippery than your average scrunchie. They are, however, a beautiful style that looks cute on and won’t leave any kinks or dents on your hair. The Slipsilk designs are somewhat pricey compared to the other products, but if you are having issues with hair loss or damage and are looking for an alternative to regular hair ties, they may be worth a look since they do make a significant difference in achieving healthy, undamaged hair.

Available from Sephora

Slipsilk Small

These are just like the Slipsilk product listed above, but they are thinner, and you get more in a pack (6 instead of 3). They offer the same damage prevention as the larger size and come in cute color combos that work for all kinds of different situations.  According to reviews, this design will also do a great job helping your hair stay soft and healthy. If you like to wear the scrunchie on your wrist when you don’t have it in your hair the smaller size is a little bit less noticeable than the wider three pack sizes. If your hair is thin, you may find these to be a better option than the wider style listed above.

Available from Anthropologie

Urban Outfitters Velvet Hair Scrunchie Set

Urban Outfitters is a popular place to get scrunchies. They have a massive variety of colors and fabric choices, including velvet styles. They also have minis, scarf, days of the week sets, or bow scrunchies. Basically, they sell any type of design that you can imagine. Most reviewers mention that the scrunchies are super cute and outstanding quality. They are known for being sturdy, and the majority of the scrunchies won’t stretch out much. Most of the Urban Outfitters styles also hold hair well, and they are well made, so they don’t fall apart after wearing them a couple of times.

Available from Urban Outfitters

Invisibobble Sprunchie

The Invisibobble Sprunchie is an interesting take on the scrunchie. It is suitable for all hair types, and the key feature is that it stays in place. So you get the look of the scrunchie but can do a tight pony without it loosening up as your day goes on. The way that it keeps everything in place is that it uses a tight coil rather than elastic that is then covered in the fabric. The other great thing about this style is that you can do the tighter ponytails, without the pressure on the scalp that can lead to issues like headaches. Fans of the Sprunchie find them to be well made, trendy, cute and they leave no marks on the hair. Like other styles, they also help prevent breakage and keep your locks healthy.

.Available from Sephora

Mandydov 20 Pcs Hair Scrunchies

There are a lot of hair accessory options on Amazon, and if quantity is what you are after you can’t get any better than the Mandydov 20 Pcs Hair Scrunchies. This set comes with 20 good quality pieces in a variety of bold colors that you can match with almost any outfit you choose.  This is a good option for younger girls or if you have fine hair and don’t want to have to wrap the elastic around a lot of times. They tick all the boxes for what you may need in a scrunchie, including being made with soft material, comfortable to wear, durable elastic, and they hold up well to use. Best of all they are inexpensive, so if you lose one or one breaks, you still have another 19 to get through.

Available from Amazon

Kitsch Hair Scrunchies Pack

This Kitsch Hair Scrunchies Pack comes in a little bit of a different fabric that is similar to velvet or suede that has a slight texture to it that is helpful when keeping the elastic in place while still looking fabulous and not damaging your hair.  The colors are a little bit unique and relatively subtle blush and mauve colors. This Kitsch style has a reputation for being very soft and not moving around when you wear them, so they keep your hair nicely in place, and the elastic doesn’t stretch out. This set includes five cute scrunchies that are outstanding quality, have a good grip, and don’t create any kind of dents in your hair. They also won’t cause any breakage or damage.

Available from Amazon

SILKE London Silk Hair Tie Set

Silke London is another high-end hair tie option that has a similar origin story to the Slipsilk company mentioned above. Silke London styles were made to stop hair breakage and damage, particularly when putting your hair back when sleeping. The scrunchies are made of pure silk hair wraps and are known for working really well at avoiding damaging your hair. While they were designed initially designed for when you sleep, they are pretty enough to be worn every day as they stay in place and stop any dents or damage while also looking great. They come in a set of six in a light pink or black color. The slim width and the color of this design make them an attractive option to wear on your wrist when you don’t have them in your hair. If you love luxurious things, this Silke design may be the product for you.

Available from Anthropologie

Francescas Scrunchies

Francesca’s have pretty much any type of scrunchie you could ever imagine. From bandanna to velvet to coils in any and every color of the rainbow. Pretty much all of the styles are also very well made and reasonably priced as well. Francesca’s designs are known for being very soft, they stay in place well, and they look beautiful on the wrist. They have so much choice in different colors and different materials the hardest part will be choosing between the many styles that are offered.

Available from Francescas