Welcome to Check What’s Best. I’m Marie Davis.I started CheckWhatsBest in 2015, with one purpose: Making it faster and easier to sort through all the products out there.

When I wanted to buy something – some sandals as an example – I’d spend hours on shopping sites, and often at physical stores. It took quite a while to narrow down my options, and once I did, I found myself reading every online review I could find. I have the kind of personality where I just naturally love doing this, but it’s a major time suck, and I knew that most people didn’t want to spend this much time just to find the best pair of sandals.

Since I have a background in technical writing, as well as computer programming, I decided to start a website. It seemed obvious that if I was spending so much time comparing products online, someone else could also use the same info. The name, Check What’s Best, was an easy choice.

Over the years, CWB has picked up a few extra contributors who also write articles, and I’m extremely happy with how they’d upped the quality of the site – I’ll introduce and talk about them a bit later.

First, let’s discuss methodology:

I care about your trust more than anything else, and I make sure that every article on Checkwhatsbest earns it.

Every article on CheckWhatsBest is written by a real human, who has pored over reviews and tested products, for dozens of hours (I don’t think any article has taken over 100 hours yet, but I’m sure we’ll do it at some point.) In most cases, we buy the products that we’re writing about, and evaluate them ourselves, or at least head out to stores/malls where we can try them out.

What’s more, every article here is written by someone who is experienced with the category in question and has put a lot of thought into it. In most cases, the ideas come from one of the writers own interests. Mike’s family was interested in getting some reusable straws, so he researched them, tried them, and wrote an article on them. Ollie wrote his article on sun protection hats because he was planning a trip to Orlando and wanted to avoid sunburn while spending all day at amusement parks. My article on callus removers – don’t ask 🙂

Now that I’ve mentioned the other writers, allow me to formally introduce them:

Mike Macdonald (not the musician) is a 30-something dad from London, Ontario, Canada. He spends his days working on a computer, but weekends hiking and spending time with the family.

Jane Snyder loves dogs, chess, and coffee – not necessarily in that order. She’s been writing for CheckWhatsBest since early 2018, and I’m so happy to have her on board.

Ollie Stern is another dad, and joined CWB about a month after Jane. While he was officially on hiatus for the end of 2018 due to travel and work issues, he’s back now, and working on some great article ideas.

And of course, I’m Marie, but I already told you all about myself.

If you’d like to get in touch with any questions, we’d welcome it. You can use our form here. When we reply, it’ll be by email, but we get a number of emails and it’s easier to sort them by using that form.

Thanks for reading!