9 of the Best Underwear Brands for Girls

Three examples of the best underwear for girls.
Whether your girl is little, big, or into her tween years, finding that perfect pair of underwear can be a challenge. There are a lot of factors that come into play when shopping for undies for children.

The look and the feel of the undies need to be kid-friendly, but they should also be good quality and durable so they will last.

If you are done with saggy, tight elastic princess brands, check out some of the best panties for girls. The following styles have the best reputations for fitting well, being soft and comfy, and having great coverage. Read on to find out more about the best underwear for young girls.

Hanes Girls’ Brief Underwear

Hanes Girls' Brief Underwear

There are a lot of multipack options available from brands like Fruit of the Loom or Hanes that can make a perfect choice for some girls. One of these packs that is worth a look is The Hanes Girls’ Brief Underwear which comes in a ten-package. These are 100% cotton and are a classic brief design that is heavy on coverage.

They have a couple of notable features, including the smooth, non-binding leg bands, and they come with a no-ride-up guarantee, which is kind of an interesting thing to guarantee since this can be a real problem for a lot of bikini or hipster fits.

The only issue to mention with this Hanes pick is that if you order it online, there can be problems with not getting precisely the colors and patterns that you order. You generally get a random assortment.

Available from Amazon

Gap Kids Animal Days-Of-The-Week Bikini

Gap Kids Animal Days-Of-The-Week Bikini

Gap is one of the best places to get girls’ underwear. They have a great selection of bikini, or hipsters in plain or fun prints. If you aren’t sure where to start, a popular style is the Gap Kids Animal Days-Of-The-Week Bikini. It comes as a seven-pack with one pair to indicate each day of the week, along with a cute animal graphic.

Days of the Week designs can be a fun way to help your kids get dressed without any fuss or difficulty choosing what pair to wear. The fabric is soft and comfy, and they hold up well to washing.

Parents love the seven-day option, fit, and comfort of these Gap undies, while kids love the cute animal graphics and the soft feel of the cotton.

Available from Gap

Boden 7 Pack Underwear

Boden 7 Pack Underwear

Boden is a higher-end retailer that has amazing kids’ clothes. They are fun and colorful, and the fabrics are always soft and fantastic quality. Boden’s underwear can make a  good option for kids with sensitive skin because the material is almost always soft, and the edging is usually carefully bound, so it doesn’t irritate the skin.

If you are looking for undies that are well-made, smooth, and colorful, these could very well be the undies for your child. The quality and durability of these full cotton briefs make them a fantastic pick for a lot of girls.

Available from BodenUSA.com

Children’s Place 7-Pack

Children's Place 7-Pack Unicorn Underwear

The Children’s Place often has a good selection of underwear that is cute, stylish, sometimes colorful, and generally inexpensive. One style that they are selling right now that is popular is the Unicorn-themed 7-Pack.

These are a mostly cotton blend with a hint of spandex to stop them from stretching out too much. You get a nice variety of patterns in this pack, with most girls finding these undies to be comfy. They are tagless and have a nice full-coverage fit that helps make them pleasant to wear.

Available from The Children’s Place

Old Navy Printed Hipster Underwear 7-Pack

Old Navy Printed Hipster Underwear 7-Pack

The Printed Hipster Underwear 7-Pack is one of Old Navy’s most popular styles for girls. These are fun undie that come in interesting, hip prints that are great for tweens or older kids who love a different pattern.

The fabric is a soft, lightweight jersey that has a little bit of spandex added to the cotton blend. Since they are from Old Navy, the price is affordable, and the seven-pack makes them even more economical.

Available from Old Navy

Hanna Andersson Classic Unders 3 Pack In Organic Cotton

Hanna Andersson Classic Unders 3 Pack In Organic Cotton

For those who are looking for an organic option with excellent coverage in a relatively substantial fabric, the Hanna Andersson Classic Unders 3 Pack In Organic Cotton may be a good choice for you.

They are soft, the prints are adorable, and the legs are also cut in a way that the unders will not ride up. They even wash well, wear well, and are super comfy.

Available from Hanna Andersson

PACT Hipster Undies

PACT Hipster Undies

If you are looking for super-soft, comfy organic designs that don’t ride up, check out these PACT Hipster Undies that come in a four-pack. These are an excellent option that is made sustainably. Not only are they GOTS certified, but they are also made in a Fair Trade Certified™ Factory.

PACT underwear is known for being super soft, not stretching out, and for laundering well without fading. What is great about this hipster style is that it offers a fair amount of coverage in the back so your child won’t get wedgies, and the waist sits comfortably on the hip so it won’t dig into your child’s midsection.

Available from PACT

Tucker + Tate 5-Pack Hipster Briefs

Tucker + Tate 5-Pack Hipster Briefs

The Tucker + Tate 5-Pack Hipster Briefs are a wildly popular style that you can find at Nordstrom. They are a hipster design that is made from lightweight stretchy cotton. These are available in a mix of solids and patterns that are pretty and feminine but not over-the-top frilly or girly.

Parents love this pick because it is super comfy and doesn’t ride up but still has good coverage. They are also well-made, and the patterns are pretty cute. The soft cotton is a little bit on the thin side, but they are still durable.

Girls love how soft and stretchy they are, and the panties fit without any weird sagging, riding up, or extra material. They also wash up great without any shrinking or fading.

These make an excellent choice for any girl but are particularly suitable for tweens, who can sometimes be challenging to find undies for. One thing to be aware of with this style is that it runs large, so it is recommended that you order one size down.

Available from Nordstrom

Primary Bikini 3-Pack

Primary Bikini 3-Pack

The Primary Bikini is a high-quality option that is made from a fabric that is soft and comfy enough for any child. This design come comes in a three-pack for around $18. It is a good coverage bikini style that has quite a high waist, so it has nice coverage in the back.

The fabric is 95% cotton and 5% spandex, so the cotton makes them breathable, and the spandex gives them a bit of stretch so they don’t lose their shape as the day wears on.

The cotton is also OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified, so it is processed without any chemicals that may be harmful to human health. These are cute, and well made, and most parents love the excellent fit.

Available from Primary

What to Look for When Shopping for Underwear for Your Toddler, Girl, or Tween

When shopping for girls’ underwear, there are several factors to consider:

Comfort-  Look for underwear that is soft and comfortable against the skin. Cotton and other breathable materials are a good choice.

Size and Fit- Ensure that the underwear fits properly and is not too tight or too loose. It should fit snugly but comfortably without digging in or causing discomfort.

Style- Choose a style that is appropriate for your child’s age and needs. For younger children, simple, plain underwear is usually best. As they get older, they may prefer more decorative styles.

Durability- Look for underwear that is well-made and will hold up to repeated washings and wear.

Personal preferences- It is also important to consider your child’s personal preferences. Let them choose colors or patterns they like, and involve them in the shopping process so they can feel comfortable and confident in their underwear.

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