8 of the Best Cartwheel and Tumble Shorts for Girls

8 of the Best Cartwheel and Tumble Shorts for Girls

Cartwheel, tumble, or undershorts, no matter what you call them, these are an essential item that every little girl (and some big girls) need in their closets.

Traditionally these shorts are worn under dresses or skirts so your child can move freely without the worry of underwear showing while playing, but they are so comfy and cute they also work well worn on their own.

Since little girls love their dresses and also love to be active, these cartwheel styles are the perfect solution to keep kids and parents happy.

Whether your child wears her tumble designs under her dress or on their own, these shorts are a must-have for active children. We have found the best options in the best colors and softest fabrics that we have listed below.

The Kids Under Short

The Kids Under Short

Sometimes it can be hard to find undershorts in brighter colors, which is a little odd since most kids’ clothes are pretty colorful.

If you are looking for a style that isn’t a basic everyday hue and you want to match a specific color, you may want to have a look at the Primary. Primary has one of the best selections of bold colors that you can find cartwheel styles.

These fun, bright options have comfy waistbands and hems and are perfect for all-day play. They are made with a stretch jersey that is an OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified fabric, so not only does the fabric feel soft and comfy to wear, you can feel confident that there are no harmful chemicals in the material and they are safe for your child to wear.

Available from Primary

Gap Kids Cartwheel Shorts in Stretch Jersey (3-Pack)

Gap Kids Cartwheel Shorts in Stretch Jersey (3-Pack)

The Gap Kids Cartwheel styles in stretch jersey good quality multipack deal that you can get for a reasonable price. This pick comes in a three-pack with three different colors.

These are made to wear under dresses or skirts, but can also easily be worn alone with a T-shirt or sweatshirt. They come in a soft knit, the inseam length is around 3″ and they have a comfy elastic waist.

The only thing to be aware of with this design is that it isn’t tagless, not sure why Gap decided to add a tag to this style, almost all other tumble shorts are tagless. Despite having a tag, most girls find this pick to be comfortable, easy to get on and off, and easy to move around in.

Available from Gap

Hanna Andersson Bright Basics Tumble Shorts

Hanna Andersson Bright Basics Tumble Shorts

Like the Primary pick listed above, Hanna Andersson Bright Basics Tumble Shorts come in an excellent selection of vibrant, fun colors that are an ideal choice if you need to match a child’s colorful outfit.

This pick is perfect for any active girl since they are lightweight and made for play.  These are a high-quality option that is made with a comfortable stretch waistband in a stretch jersey. The fabric is thick enough, so patterns on undies don’t show through.

Available from Hanna Andersson

Old Navy Jersey Bike Shorts

Old Navy Jersey Bike Shorts

The Old Navy Jersey Bike Shorts For Girls are a simple style that is known for being stretchy and very comfortable. They are inexpensive (you can often get them for about $5 a pair), and they come in black, white, gray, and blue.

This is a pick that works well under skirts or as PJ or exercise options.  They have a flexible elastic waist and are tag-free for extra comfort.

The material is a super-soft, lightweight jersey that is comfortable to wear under uniforms, dresses, or skirts.

Available from OldNavy.com

Uniform Cartwheel Shorts

Uniform Cartwheel Shorts

The Uniform Cartwheel Shorts from Children’s Place are designed to be worn under a school uniform, but they are suitable for lots of other purposes.

If you are looking for a style for a uniform, they do offer a sandy color that is perfect under a school uniform, although probably not so great on its own.

Whether you wear them for a school day or play day, dressed up or down, these are a very affordable choice that is made from a comfy cotton stretch material.

Available from The Children’s Place

Spotted Zebra Girls’ Midi Bike Shorts

Spotted Zebra Girls' Midi Bike Shorts

Almost all of the tumble styles come in solid colors, but if your child loves a print, then you may want to check out the Spotted Zebra Girls’ Midi Bike Shorts.

They are a cartwheel design that comes in super cute prints. The length is only about 3″ so you can still wear them under a skirt or dress without them showing or they are a style that can be worn alone.

The fabric is thick enough that you don’t have to worry about any show-through from underwear, yet is still breathable and cooling for the hotter days of summer.

Available from Amazon

Lands’ End Knit Cartwheel Shorts

Lands' End Knit Cartwheel Shorts

If you are looking for a high-quality pick that is durable and will last through rough and tough wear, then you may want to check out the Lands’ End Knit Cartwheel Shorts.

They don’t come in a huge selection of colors, but you can find the basic black, navy, and white. Lands’ End used to sell them in more colors but stopped a few years ago much to the frustration of some of the fans of this style. The inseam is the standard 3-inch that you will find on any tumble shorts, and the material is a sturdy cotton stretch that is comfortable and doesn’t shrink or fade when laundering.

This design can work well for school uniforms, play, or tumble classes. Most girls find they fit well and aren’t bulky under skirts.

Available from Lands’ End

2pk Tumble Shorts from Cat & Jack™

2pk Tumble Shorts from Cat & Jack™

If you are a parent and you shop at Target, you will probably be familiar with their much-loved children’s brand Cat & Jack™.

They are known for producing good quality clothes at very reasonable prices, and lucky for us they make a wonderful tumble short. It is usually sold in a pack of two, and you can get it in a few different colors (we have linked to the black, you will have to look around if you want a different color).

This design works well on its own or as an extra layer under skirts or dresses. The fabric is stretchy cotton so they breathe well and are cool in the hot weather.

The inseam length is 3 inches, which is pretty standard for tumble gymnastics classes. If you are looking for a choice that is excellent value, the right length, and that is very versatile this Cat & Jack design is a good bet.

Available from Target.com

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