Best Snow Pants for Toddlers

A good pair of toddler snow pants, otherwise known as a snow bib, can sometimes be a little hard to find in stores. The best snow pants for kids have comfortable straps, are fully waterproof, come in kid-friendly colors, and are easy to get on and off. There are some great options online, and we have rounded up some of the best. We have found many different budget options and designs that work well for skiing or extensive outdoor activities.

Arctix Infant/Toddler Chest High Insulated Snow Bib Overalls

If you are looking for a good quality, inexpensive snow bib, a good option is the Arctix Infant/Toddler Snow Bibs. They come in 11 different, vibrant colors, and the sizes go from 12 months to 5T. They should provide an adequate amount of warmth while still allowing the child to move around. They are water and wind-resistant and can remain dry even in wet slushy conditions. The bib section of the pants covers the child’s enter chest, helping to give an extra layer of warmth. Many reviews mention that the quality is excellent for the price you are paying.

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Columbia Snowslope™ II Bib – Toddler

Another trendy choice for a lot of families is the Columbia Snowslope™ II Bib. This style comes in a variety of bright colors that are popular with small children. They have velcro straps on the sides so that you can adjust the fit according to your child’s size. This style uses a relatively thin material that is meant to allow children to still move around freely, without feeling too bulky. They also have the elastic gaiters that are common in almost all kid’s snow pants to help keep snow out. Some people have commented that these pants are best for occasional use, not something you would get for freezing weather or for skiing since the material is a little thin, and they are perhaps not as durable as some of the other brands. While others feel that they are more than adequate for everyday use, and their children found that the pants did a great job keeping them warm and dry in snow and frigid weather.  They do have adjustable shoulder straps, so depending on the fit, it may be possible to get an extra year out of them. They come in sizes 2T – 4T and have at least six colors.

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Carter’s Little Girls’ and Boys’ Bib Snowpant


Carter’s snow pants are a pretty standard design that you should be able to find for a reasonable price either online or at your local mall. Some parents find this style fits a little small, so you may want to consider sizing up if this is a pant you are interested in. The bib has gaiters included, and is, for the most part, reported to be flexible and light yet warm enough for most winter weather.

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London Fog – Little Girls or Boys Bib Snowpant

This London Fog style is another standard snow pant that isn’t too expensive and will do a good job keeping your child warm and dry, while also giving them room to move and play without feeling restricted. They have adjustable elastic shoulder straps and a side pocket.

By most accounts, they are warm, easy to get on and off, and waterproof. A lot of people also really like the fit of these London Fog pants.

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Patagonia Snow Pile Bibs

This snow bib from Patagonia is the most expensive pair of pants on our list. They come in the sizes 2T up to 5T. They use Patagonia’s 2-layer, 100% recycled nylon H2No® Performance Standard shell (that is known for being waterproof, breathable, and durable). It also has Thermogreen® polyester, which is Patagonia’s brand of recycled Polyester insulation that is supposed to stay warm even when wet. This bib has adjustable straps, an elasticized back waist, and a zippered pocket on the thigh. It also has articulated knees, which is that extra panel of fabric on the knee that allows for great freedom of movement. One of the best features of this pant is the “Grow-fit” feature that will enable you to add 2” in the leg as your child grows. One other thing that is notable about this style is that the lining and the shell fabrics are certified as bluesign® approved. It means that it is made using sustainable textile production.

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Helly Hansen K Vertical Ins Bib Pant

This snow bib for children from Helly Hansen is another one of the top high-performance styles that a lot of kids who ski tend to wear. It is waterproof, yet breathable and has a fleece lining on the upper part of the bib that will keep your child extra warm, even in the coldest weather.  It’s hard to tell in the picture, but it has adjustable shoulders to help with fit, especially if you are layering. The sizing is a little confusing: size 1 – is for one year old, size two is for two years of age, etc. It has a front hand pocket with a zipper closure. This style is very durable, due to double-layer fabric patches on both the knees and the seat. Since it is known for its durability, this bib can probably be passed down through multiple kids if needed. Like the Patagonia pant, it also has an articulated knee that makes it easier to move around, especially for skiers. Overall this is one of the best options if you are looking for a high-quality style, that will last for a long time.

Available from Helly Hansen 

Amazon Essentials Boys’ Water-Resistant Snow Bib

Amazon Essentials Boys’ Water-Resistant Snow Bib comes in a few different color options. The pants are waterproof, windproof, and insulated. They aren’t very bulky, and most kids find them easy to move around in.  They work well for almost all winter activities (including skiing)  because they are warm, good quality, they look great, all for a very low price.

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L.L Bean Toddlers’ Cold Buster Snow Bibs

The L.L Bean children’s snow pants are a favorite of many parents. The thing that parents love about this style is that they have a grow cuff, so you can extend the hem 1.5 inches as your child grows. They use a light, yet durable polyester that is wind and water-resistant. They also contain a 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation, that will keep your toddler nice and warm, without being too bulky. A couple of other things to note about the L.L Bean design is that the knees, as well as the seat, are reinforced, so they should last for quite a while and can be passed down to siblings. They also have zippers at the cuffs so you can unzip the sides, making them easier to get over boots. Oddly, the Cold Buster Bib doesn’t have adjustable shoulder straps, and may not be the best fit for kids who have a long torso.

Available from L.L Bean

Features to Look for:

Everyone has a slightly different idea about what makes a good snow bib depending on the type of winter weather you have, the activities your child will be wearing the pant for, and how often they will be worn. The following are a few other things to think about to help you find that perfect pair.

Straps -For infants and toddlers, it is unlikely that you will find a pair of snow bibs that don’t have a shoulder strap on them. If you are looking for a pant that will give you some room to grow with your child, you will want to find a style that has an adjustable strap. Wide shoulder straps are best to prevent slipping off the shoulder. If you would like an extra layer of warmth, a high neckline adds an extra layer of insulation to your child’s chest.

Grow Cuffs – Since children grow so quickly, it is helpful to get a few years out of one pair of snow pants. An excellent way to do this is to either buy oversized or to find styles that have ‘grow cuffs.’ Grow cuffs mean that you can adjust the cuff length to the size of your child. The L.L Bean and the Patagonia styles have grow cuffs.

Waterproof– Obviously, you will want any snow pants that you buy for your child to keep them dry in wet, slushy conditions. Most inexpensive snow pants are water-resistant, but not fully waterproof. However, unless your child is out for hours in really wet conditions, water-resistant styles should offer enough protection to keep them dry. If you are buying for a winter activity like skiing, you will probably want to go for the designs that are a breathable, waterproof fabric like the Patagonia or the Helly Hansen styles. Less expensive waterproof options are the London Fog or Trespass styles listed above.

Reinforced Knees – A ‘nice to have’ feature on a child’s snow bib is a reinforced knee since toddlers love to spend a lot of their time playing in the snow crawling around on their knees. Styles that have reinforced knees are the L.L Bean, Patagonia, and the Helly Hansen.

Pockets– Pockets are another extra feature that is a ‘nice to have’ detail, but for most toddlers not necessary. Most styles for younger kids do not have pockets.

Colors– One of the best things about buying for toddlers is that most styles come in a variety of bright, fun colors that kids love.

Ease of Getting On and Off– For toddlers, especially those who are in daycare and may be expected to get their outdoor clothes off and on themselves, you will want a design that is easy for the child to put on and take off.  Before buying it is difficult to judge what brands will work best for your children, so you may want to search reviews to see if parents mention issues with fit or zippers getting stuck, which would be the main reason for kids having trouble with a particular style.

Skiing– If you are looking for a good design for skiing you should probably look for a style that is waterproof and has excellent insulation. Other features to look for that are great for skiing are side leg ventilation zips, side ankle zips (to make it easier to get the boots off and on), and reflective detailing (for nighttime activities).

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