8 of the Best Closed Toe Sandals for Women

Whether you need closed toe sandals for work or just want some cute sandals that will cover your less than perfect toes for the summer, there are a lot of great options available.  Closed toe styles are great because they hide any non-pedicured toes that you may be self-conscious about, while still keeping your feet cool. Here are reviews of some of the best closed toe sandals for a variety of different situations that you may find yourself in during warm weather.

1. Comfortiva Tatianna – Soft Spots

SoftSpots Women’s Tatianna Ankle Strap Huarache Shoes are a great option if you are looking for a dressy shoe for work. They are very similar to the Clarks Women’s Wendy Land Black Sandal with some people feeling that the Tatianna is perhaps a little more comfortable than the Clarks if you have to do a lot of walking. These are a great option if you have high arches and need something that won’t kill your feet at work, or an event where you may be walking or standing a lot. The support is very good on this design, partly because the heel is very stable and there is a good amount of padding in the instep. They come in a number of great colors.

Available from Zappos

2. JBU by Jambu Women’s Wildflower Mary Jane Flat

Jambu have a number of moderately priced, casual flats that work well as a sandal that can hide your toes. Two of their most popular styles are the Blossom Encore and the Wildflower (pictured above). The Wildflower is a comfortable, versatile style that can be dressed up or down and it comes in a number of modern, beautiful colors. They are vegan and the rubber outer sole is made from partially recycled rubber and has all terra traction you won’t find yourself slipping in these babies. They are known for keeping your feet cool and dry, and they have adjustable hook and loop straps so you can play around with the fit to make sure you are your most comfortable. The Wildflower runs a little small so you may have to go up a size, if you order it online.

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3. Keen Rose Sandal

KEEN Women’s Rose Sandal uses Keen’s signature rubber toe bumper which gives them a partial toe covered look that are great for walking or sporty outdoor activities. This design has washable polyester webbing and has a multi directional lug pattern if you are going to be wearing them for activities where you need a lot of traction. The footbed is designed to provide the best kind of support for your feet with an emphasis on the first metatarsal joint. If you have high arches they may not be the best choice for you since they tend to be described as having a low to moderate arch support. This design has a fairly flat heel (1.25″) making them a great option if you are doing a lot of walking. They aren’t meant to be used as a water shoes like some other Keen designs. If you are worried about odor control, they do have the AEGIS Microbe Shield lining that will cut down on any build-up of odor causing bacteria.

Available from Keen Footwear and Amazon

4. Rockport Cobb Hill Collection Cobb Hill Aubrey

The extremely popular Rockport Cobb Hill Collection has a couple of great closed toe options.  The Aubrey (pictured above) is very popular style, especially as a work style. If you prefer a flat take a look at their Ireland Fisherman sandal, that is also very popular. The Aubrey has great support if you looking for a sandal that will work well if you are on your feet all day, but still need to look dressy. They are burnished leather, they come in 8 different colors and the have a slight retro look to them because of the t-strap. It has a comfortable 1.5″ mid-height heel, that looks a little bulky, but is actually pretty lightweight. The footbed is Eva foam (that is used in a lot of shoes for comfort).

Available from Rockport and Amazon

5. Naot Women’s Arataki Dress Sandal

Noat shoes are known for their comfort, flexibility and good arch support. The company’s products are manufactured in Northern Israel. They are a bit on the pricey side, but if you have foot issues they are well worth the investment. They come with a removable footbed, so you can insert your own orthotics if needed. You can also replace the footbed once your current one wears out, extending the life of your sandal. The footbed is the key to the comfort of this brand, it is a blend of natural latex and cork that is covered in suede. The Arataki Dress Sandal is very cute and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Naot shoes generally don’t need to be broken in and tend to be comfortable right from the start. If you have a narrow foot, this may not be the right style for you.

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6. Teva Omnium

If you are looking for an outdoor toe covered sandal for hiking, a good option is the Teva Omnium.  This style is kind of a shoe sandal cross. It has all of the support and traction of a hiking or walking shoe as well as the openings on the sides to keep your feet cool in the summer. They are made of a quick drying, breathable upper fabric, which is great because it makes them quite versatile for all kinds of different types of actives including those where your feet may get wet. This design has a quick release buckle so you don’t have to deal with a Velcro strap. It also has two other points of adjustability to help you get the best fit. If you are worried about comfort, the footbed has a molded EVA midsole and Shoc Pad heel so this shoe can take some pretty rough treatment and still be comfortable.

Available from Amazon

7. Ahnu Malini

The Malini from Ahnu is a great all around style that can work well in many different situations. They are cute, lightweight and very flexible. The upper part of the shoe is soft, nubuck leather, with a breathable closed-toe design that has an adjustable hook and loop ankle strap. The mid sole has lightweight EVA cushioning that is designed for comfort, and the footbed is wrapped in cork that has gone through an AEGIS antimicrobial treatment. Cork is a great feature to have in a sandal because it functions as a natural antimicrobial to stop the footbed from smelling.

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8. Sanuk Donna

If you are just looking for a comfortable summer shoe that will hide your toes while also keeping your feet cool, you could try these hemp slip-ons from Sanuk. They are made of hemp and are vegan and vegetarian. They are super comfortable, look great and the hemp actually works as a really good, breathable fabric so your feet shouldn’t get too hot. If your feet do end up sweating you can machine wash this design, although don’t put them in the dryer because they will shrink. If you need a lot of arch support this is probably not the shoe for you. They may be a bit of a tight fit when you first put them on but they stretch to fit your feet.

Available from Zappos

What to look for in a Closed Toe Sandal

Sizing – Unfortunately the sizing for different brands can vary quite a bit, so if you want to get the most comfortable option it is worth researching reviews to see if the design fits true to size. This is especially important if you are ordering online.

Cleaning– Sometimes sandals can take a bit of a beating in the summer. You face things like sweat, dirt, and water getting into the inner part of the shoe, much more that you do with cold weather foot wear. All of these things can lead to bacteria causing odor that will shorten the life of your shoes.  If you are buying an outdoor activity sandal like a Keen or Teva, check for instructions on how to clean it. Some designs can even be machine washed, which is nice if the shoes have gotten wet and smelly.

Material of the Footbed– If you are looking for a style that is going to be comfortable, you will want to look for a footbed that is either cork or has EVA contained in it. Cork is great because it works really well for shock absorption, while EVA is a dense foam that is also great for shock absorption. If your feet tend to sweat, you may want to look for a footbed that is moisture-wicking (such as suede).

Durability– Sandals can be the flimsiest of shoe styles. If you are looking for something that can last for years, look for thicker straps, good quality Velcro, rubber soles with traction, a cork footbed, leather or a washable material, and styles that have had an Aegis antimicrobial treatment.

Odor Control– For those who have a problem with odor in their footwear, look for designs that feature antimicrobial treatments (Aegis is the most common). They will help minimize odor-causing bacteria and extend the life of your sandals.

Sole – A big problem with inexpensive styles is that they come with no grip or traction. If you find yourself caught in a summer rain storm in a pair of cheap, no traction sandals you will know how slippery they can become. There are lots of styles that have rubber soles that have a type of grip rubber that will help with traction.

Waterproof– Depending on what type of activities you are wearing your footwear for for, you may want to look for waterproof or water resistant materials in case you get them wet in the rain or during water activities. Many designs are water resistant, not water proof.

Arch support– Generally summer shoes aren’t known for having great arch support. Some of the designs that we have listed above that are good if you have high arches include the Comfortiva Tatianna, Arataki Dress Sandal and the Rockport Aubrey.

Squeaking– An odd problem that can occur with some styles is that they squeak. This is usually caused by air getting caught underneath the footbed or there is an air bubble in the sole. If you do end up with a design that squeaks you should return it or contact the manufacturer.
Adjustable ankle strap –If have difficulty finding a style that fits properly, a good feature to look for is a design with an adjustable ankle strap. It will give you a little more ability to adjust the fit to the shape of your foot.

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