The Best Summer Slippers for Men

If you have been finding your slippers or house shoes too hot for the summer you might want to try out a pair of lightweight men’s slippers. Sometimes called summers slippers, they are generally made of breathable materials and don’t have the thick lining that is used in most slippers to keep your feet warm in the winter. There  are a variety of styles that are great for warmer months or for those who live in tropical  climates, we have rounded up a few of the best options.

Acorn Men’s Summerweight Moc Slipper


One of the most popular styles for warmer weather is the Acorn Summerweight Moc Slipper. They are a simple, yet very comfy design that is made with a breathable cotton blend material on the upper part of the slipper and a moisture wicking terry lining that works well to keep your feet cool. The upper fabric may be a little less flexible that what you are used to in a slipper, but it will soften up after a few days of wear. Some consumers find them a little tough to get on and off quickly,  but once they are on they have a nice cushion to them that helps to make them extremely comfortable. The Moc slipper are also washable, which is great feature in a summer style to help get rid of odour that can be caused when your feet sweat. You can get them in four different colors and they have a non-slip rubber sole so you can wear them outside if you need to.

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OOFOS OOahh Slide Sandal


The OOFOS OOahh Slide Sandal obviously isn’t your traditional looking slipper, but a lot of men love to wear this style as a summer slipper or house shoe. The key to the popularity of this design is the extreme comfort that you will feel sliding your foot into the shoe. This style is especially loved by men with foot pain that makes walking in bare feet painful. As you can see from the picture, they aren’t the most attractive looking slide, but if you are just looking for something comfy to wear around the house that won’t overheat your feet in warm weather, this may be the style for you. They are a unisex design so you will want to be careful with sizing if you purchase this shoe.

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Nike Benassi JDI Slide

Another hugely popular summer slide that a lot of men wear as a slipper is the Nike Benassi JDI Slide. It is cool, comfortable and relatively fashionable. They are one of most popular of the versatile sports slides that men wear for a number of different activities including shower shoes and as an everyday shoe. Where this style really excels is as a house summer slipper as they are able to let your feet breathe, are easy to get on and off, and are easy to clean.

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Vibdiv Men’s Lightweight Breathable House Shoes

These house shoes from Vibdiv don’t look like traditional slippers, but they work great as a nice lightweight summer option. Not only do they look good, they are easy to get on and they don’t leave scuff marks. They are also cool due to the upper lightweight nylon mesh that allows your feet to breath.The price of this shoe is very low for what you are getting, most reviewers who have purchased this style find them to be exceptional value. The sole of the shoe offers a nice cushion, although it sometimes makes a slightly odd popping sound due to a hollow circle on the design.

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Adidas Originals Men’s Adissage Sandal

Adidas have a few similar sandal styles that work well as an indoor/outdoor slipper. They are incredibly popular because they are comfortable, easy to get on, and are very versatile. You can wear then around the house, in the shower, running out for errands, at the beach etc. The style pictured above is the Adissage design, it has been around for so long now that it is considered a classic. It is mainly notable for the massaging nubs on the sole of the sandal. The nubs take a little bit of getting used to but once you have worn them for a few days most wearers grow to love the massaging action of the nubs. They are great for people whose feet get very warm and just want something comfortable to wear around the house. Since it has a Velcro strap you can even wear these with socks in the winter if you love the feel of the shoe and want to wear them year round. The only problem with these sandals is that the nubs will break off as the shoe wears in, so depending on how much you wear them you may have to replace the sandals a little quicker than you would with a regular good quality flip flop.

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V.J Men’s Summer Breathable Leather House Slippers Casual Beach Sandals

These V.J Leather House shoes are a great option if you love a leather slip on. Sometimes leather can be a little hot in the summer but this design has holes in the leather that allow your feet to breath and  stay cool. The inside of the slipper has an antimicrobial lining to help stop odour and to absorb moisture. The soles are rubber and have good anti-slip traction which can sometimes be lacking in leather mule styles. They also work well if you want to wear them with socks in the colder months.

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Vanskelin Men’s Breathable Mesh Anti-Slip Closed Toe Slippers

This inexpensive, versatile shoe from Vanskelin works well for many different types of situations, especially as a summer slipper. It is made from a breathable mesh fabric with a soft, lightweight sole that helps to make them very comfortable.  There are some complaints about the heel of the design, but most reviewers find the cost and quality to be well worth trying this style out

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HomeTop Men’s Comfort House Slippers

These HomeTop slippers are marketed as an all year slipper that will keep your feet warm in the winter as well as cool in in spring and summer because of the moisture wicking French terry material on the lining. This would make a great choice for those who may have issues with their feet sweating. The sole of the slipper is reported to be very comfortable as it is made of three layers of high-density memory foam and sponge.

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RockDove Two-Tone Memory Foam Slippers for Men

RockDove’s Two-Tone Memory Foam Slippers are a very popular, inexpensive option that are perfect for warm weather wear. They are made of a 95% cotton upper material (cotton is known to be a comfortable, breathable fabric), with a terry cloth lining that will wick the moisture from your feet and stop them from feeling sweaty. You can machine wash them if needed, although you probably don’t want to wash them too often because it may wear down the memory foam. They may take a few days to break in, but once broken in most people find them to be very comfortable, especially for the low price.

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What to Look for in a Summer Slipper

For most men what makes a great summer slipper is a design that won’t make their feet feel hot like a traditional slipper that is built for warmth. Some other things you may want to consider when finding a great design for the warmer months:

Comfort– Obviously no one is going to want to wear a style for long periods that is uncomfortable. Look for memory foam, a soft sole, sponge, and arch support (if you need it) to help find the most comfortable options.
Lightweight-The weight of the slipper can also be related to how comfortable it is going to be. For a house shoe generally people want a style that they aren’t going to notice that they are wearing, this means find something that is lightweight and isn’t clunky to wear.

Sizing- Getting the right size and fit is also extremely important. Unfortunately sizing isn’t standard across different brands so if you are buying online it is important to read any sizing information posted by the manufacturer or check reviews to see if the product sizing is accurate.

Easy to put on- Most people want a slipper that they can just slip on without any trouble. The easiest design to get on is a mule style that doesn’t have a back. The downside to an easy to get on slipper is that they are also easy to get off, so they may fall off more than a snug slipper that has a back is works more like a shoe.

Construction-Slippers generally don’t have a long life to them. Depending on the construction, inexpensive house slippers with a soft sole tend not to last more than a year or two if you are lucky.

Materials-The best materials in a summer slipper are those that are made with a breathable fabric. Look for cotton blends, terry (for wicking), microfibers, or rubber if you are going for a flip flop style.

Sole– These days most slippers come with some kind of non-slip grip on the bottom of the sole. If you are planning on wearing the shoe outside ensure that you find a style that has a rubber sole so it is more durable and won’t become ruined if it is exposed to rain or other outside elements.

Washable– A big advantage that summer slippers have over winter slippers is that for the most part they are much easier to clean. Slippers for colder weather are often made of materials like suede with sheepskin linings, so cleaning them can be difficult. Almost all of the slippers on our list above can be machine or hand washed.