8 of the Best Lined Chinos, Dress and Cargo Men’s Pants

A good way to stay warm in the winter is to switch out your regular pants for a pair of fleece or flannel lined designs. These cold weather must-haves look just like ordinary pants, but they give you lots of extra warmth with a layer of soft, comfy material of the inside of the garment. Whether you are looking for cargo, chinos, or dress pants, in all types of fits from slim to relaxed, we have found styles that will help make the cold weather much more bearable.

L.L. Bean Lined Pants

A great place to find business causal styles of lined pants is L.L Bean. They have lots of jeans, a few cargo options, chinos, and utility pants if you are working outside for extended periods. One of their most popular styles is the Lined Double L® Chinos. They are a natural fit and are perfect for a business casual look. The Lined Double L are known for being comfortable and warm, and easy to wear. The chinos is lined with flannel (not fleece), so they are a warm enough that you can wear indoors, while still being breathable and pleasant to wear indoors. Fleece tends to be warmer but not as breathable as flannel. What is cool about this style is that when looking at them it’s not obvious that they are lined, so you can wear them pretty much anywhere that you would wear a regular chinos. L.L Bean clothes are known for being very durable and for lasting for years and the Lined Double L® are no exception, not only are they tough, but they also wash and dry very well.This design is a popular option for someone who has circulation problems that make them always feel cold even when inside.

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Eddie Bauer Men’s Flannel-Lined Chinos

Eddie Bauer have a few different options for lined pants, with their Flannel-Lined Chinos being one of their most versatile. They are a classic fit, so they will fall just below your waist, and are straight on the leg and the thigh. These are great for the office or for shorter periods outside in the cold, since they aren’t too warm to wear indoors. If you are outside for an extended period they probably won’t be warm enough. A notable feature about this style is that they are super durable and hold up well to wear and frequent washing.

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Brooks Brothers Clark Fit Flannel Lined Chinos

Brooks Brothers have two options for lined pants: Flannel-Lined Chinos and the Clark Fit Flannel Lined Chinos. There is a  bit of a price difference between the two, with the Clark Fit being more expensive due to the higher quality of the fabric. It is a little hard to find a slimmer fit that is flannel lined, but these Brook Brothers designs are styles that are worth trying out.  Since they are Brooks Brothers, you can be confident that they will be beautifully made from very high quality fabric. Reviews suggest that these flannel lined pants are a great fit, comfortable and look good on.

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Wrangler Authentics Mens Fleece-Lined Cargo Pant

A popular cargo option are the Wrangler Authentics Mens Fleece-Lined Cargo Pant. The Authentics are great for winter because they are super comfortable and the fleece make them very warm. They fit well on most men, without the look of extra bulk that can sometimes occur with lined designs. Cargos tend to be an easy and flattering style for any body type to wear. Also since they are cargos there are lots of pockets for storage. A unique design feature of this cargo is that the cargo pockets have an internal pocket within the pocket, so you can carry smaller items without them knocking around in the pocket. If you have tried Wrangler in the past and not loved them, you may want to give them another look. Over the last few years the brand has stepped up and improved the quality and the functionality of the designs while still keeping the garments very affordable. Men who buy the Wrangler Authentics Cargos are generally pretty happy with them and seem to recommend them quite highly.

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Uniqlo Windproof Warm-lined Pants

Uniqlo have some great clothing options that are helpful in keeping you looking stylish while also staying warm. One such option are their Windproof Warm-lined Pants that are a slim fit style that have a slightly dressy look to them. The outer shell material  is stretchy, that is designed to keep the wind and the cold out. These are a great option if you bike to work in the colder months and need a style that will be okay for an office environment, but is also durable and windproof for rougher weather. They have a fleece lining and are built for easy movement so they are perfect for bike or even motorcycle riding. They also come with a built-in belt and you can get them in black, navy or brown. One downside to this design is that it has to be hand washed and you can’t put them in the dryer or the material will be ruined.

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Woolrich Men’s Alderglen Flannel-Lined Chino

Woolrich is an American heritage brand that is known for its outdoor wear. Their flannel lined pants are another good option if you are looking for a classic chinos look, but want that extra warmth that the flannel lining can give you. Woolrich’s Alderglen Flannel-Lined Chino is a moderately priced style that is classic fit with a relaxed seat and thigh area. Since they are lined with flannel, they probably aren’t going to keep you quite as warm as some of the fleece options, but they are great for shorter periods outside (walking a dog, shoveling, going to an outdoor game, commuting) and for wearing indoors, but not for extended periods outdoors. They can be machine washed and should be pretty durable. There are some reports of this style fitting a little small, so if you are interested in this brand, make sure to check their sizing guides carefully.

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Demon Hunter Men’s Regular-Fit Black Fleece Lined Chino Trousers

There are very few slim fit options when you are shopping for lined pants. One that you may want to consider are the Demon Hunter Men’s Regular-Fit Black Fleece Lined Chino Trousers. The outer layer is 100% cotton while the lining is a fluffy fleece. The are called a regular fit, but they are actually more of a slim fit. The fleece lining is reportedly very comfortable and warm. They tend to fit a little small, so you may want to size up if you are interested in this style.

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Lands End

Lands end have three different styles for lined chinos: traditional, comfort waist and straight fit chinos. Officially they are called Flannel Lined Knockabout Chinos and are designed for being worn for commuting or in a cold office. The outer fabric is a pre-washed, broken in twill that comes in 3 colors (navy, black and brown) and the flannel lining is made from ringspun cotton. Just so you know, the pants come unfinished and need to be hemmed before they are shipped, so they may take an extra day or so to get to you. These chinos can be machine washed.

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A couple of things to note

  • If you haven’t found anything on this list Gap, Old Navy and J Crew sometimes have lined pants available, but at the time of writing this post they don’t have any styles on offer.
  • Fleece is generally considered to be warmer than flannel. So if you are looking for a design that will be worn for an extended period outside, you will probably want to go with fleece. Fleece tends to not breath as well as flannel. Flannel works well if want something that you can wear comfortably indoors and outdoors and you need a bit of extra warmth.

If you are looking for clothing to keep you comfortable when commuting in the winter or just have trouble staying warm in the colder months, lined pants are a great investment that will help make winter more  manageable.