8 of the Best Scrunchie Brands

Scrunchies are super cute and are a great way to add some color and texture to your look. They also have the added benefit of being healthier for your hair than regular hair ties that can damage and rip out your hair. The new generation of scrunchies are less bulky than those from the nineties,..

8 of the Best Cotton Blankets You Can Buy

Cotton blankets are an excellent investment for the warmer months when it is difficult to sleep in the heat or if you need an extra layer in the winter for your bedding. Cotton is an excellent fabric for bedding as it is breathable, so it wicks the sweat away from your skin, leaving you much..

15 of the Best Belts for Women

Women’s belts are a fashion wardrobe staple. Their primary function is to help hold up your pants, but they can be an excellent accessory to pull an outfit together or dress up a casual look. The best belts are the perfect thickness, will last a long time, are functional, and look fantastic. You also need..

5 of the Best Men’s Shaping Underwear

Men’s enhancing underwear is specially designed shapewear that comes with features like padding or compression fabrics that you can wear to make your body look better. Whether you are looking for a style that will lift and shape your behind or you would like a little extra padding in the front, there are lots of..

The Best Women’s Winter Touchscreen Gloves

If you would like to use your cell phone or any touchscreen device without having to remove your gloves in winter weather, you are going to want to get yourself a pair of women’s touchscreen-compatible gloves. Tech tip garments are not bulky, can be very warm, and are stylish enough to wear to work or..

5 of the Very Best Self Warming Pet Beds

A good self-heating dog or cat bed is an excellent investment for the winter. A self-heating bed is a little different from a regular design because it contains a type of material that uses the heat that your pet puts out and reflects it back to them, making them toasty and warm. Self-warming fabrics are..

4 of the Safest Deep Fryers Available

Deep-fried food can be so delicious to make at home, but it does come with its own set of safety concerns. If you have kids or pets and are worried about having a fryer in your kitchen, we have found the best deep fryers that have all of the standard features that you need. We..

6 of the Best Reusable and Compostable Straws

As many of us know, plastic straws are terrible for the environment, especially for our oceans and marine life. Thankfully the world is waking up to the enormous problem that these seemingly harmless plastic straws are causing. A definite shift is underway as individuals, as well as huge corporations, are recognizing this issue and starting to..

Eleven of the Most Comfortable Underwire Bras

Underwire bras are by far the most popular and best-selling type of bra on the market. Women love them because they give you the best support, lift, and they help give your breasts an excellent shape. Unfortunately, underwire styles aren’t generally known for being comfortable, especially for women who wear larger cup sizes. An uncomfortable style..

7 Great Shower Shoes for Women

Shower shoes are an essential form of protection against foot fungus and bacteria that can be picked up at the gym, in dorms, or when traveling. Some women use flip flops or athletic slides as shower sandals, but there are a few things that you want to have in footwear that you are wearing when..

6 of the Best Protection Sunscreens

Trying to find the best sunscreen can be a challenge. There are hundreds of products on the market, many of which don’t meet the SPF claims of the manufacturer or they contain a worrying list of chemicals that can be harmful to your health. To help you find an effective and safe sunscreen for you and..