The Best Waffle Weave Robes to Give You That Spa Feeling at Home

Last Updated on 27 April 2020 by Marie Davis

Waffle weave spa bathrobes are highly absorbent, indulgently soft, and are a perfect way to pamper yourself right out of the shower. Waffle weaves differ from regular plush robes in that they are generally more lightweight and comfortable to wear in warmer months. They can be just as absorbent as thick terry cloth designs but without the weight and bulk that sometimes comes with those types of styles. Waffle robes are often an excellent choice to take when traveling as they are easy to pack but let you relax and get comfortable after a long day. A bathrobe can also make a useful, practical, and stylish gift, that is perfect for almost anyone.

We have found a wide selection of waffle bathrobes from classic white to beautiful colored styles for all budgets, so you are sure to find the ideal choice to help you get that spa-like vibe at home.

Parachute Waffle Robe

One of the ultimate spa-like options is the Parachute Waffle Robe. This is a popular style due to its lightweight, beautifully soft 100% long-staple Turkish cotton. You will be transported right back to your favorite spa experience when you slip into this fantastic material. This garment is ideal for giving as a gift for someone you love and who you want to treat since not only is it comfortable, but the quality is also excellent.  It’s soft, neither too light nor too heavy, so it is perfect for multiple season wear. The other great thing about the fabric is that it has a little bit of stretch to it, so it is easy to move around it. The sleeve length isn’t overly long, and the cuff is easy to fold over, so it allows you to do dishes, cook, brush your teeth, put on makeup, etc. without the material getting in your way. To keep it looking and feeling great, you will have to follow the washing instructions carefully, but if you do, you will have a long-lasting garment that is super luxurious.

Available from Parachute 

Coyuchi Unisex Organic Waffle Robe

Coyuchi is a great place to find some excellent organic fabrics. Their Unisex Organic Waffle Robe is made from organic cotton that is unbelievably soft and breathable. It is an ideal style if you don’t want a white robe as it comes in 5 colors (white, grey, shadow, burgundy, and deep ocean). The fabric washes well and gets softer the more you wash it. The sizing is unisex, so it is a little limited with only four sizes to choose from, but most will be able to find a comfortable fit. On most women, it may be a little bit oversized, but be aware that they also shrink slightly on the first wash so you will have to consider that when you are figuring out sizing. People who own this design love the soft texture, the color, and the feel, which is often described as being comfortable and cozy. They are also a good style if you are looking for his and her pairing. It is generally considered a lightweight option so you can wear it in the summer without getting overheated. It also has a cozy enough feel that you can wear it into the colder months if you don’t like bulky plush material for getting out of the shower. If you are on the hunt for a 100% organic cotton waffle robe that has a little bit of stretch to the fabric this a good one to check out.

Available from Coyuchi

Riley Hooded Waffle Robe

A slightly harder to find tyle is a waffle weave with a hood. One of the best hooded styles out there is the Riley Hooded Waffle Robe. It is popular not only because of the hood but because of the slightly shorter length. You can get this robe monogrammed if you are looking for a gift for someone special or for a wedding. It also has the unique navy piping detailing on the sleeves pockets and hood to give it a little bit of character. It is a very absorbent style that is quite thick and warm; a lot of people like to use the hood feature to towel dry their hair.  The fabric is %100 combed cotton in a waffle weave; the combing of the material is what makes it soft and comfy. Sometimes people like waffle weave since it is lighter and more suited for warmer weather, but this is quite a dense weave, so if you are looking for a lightweight fabric this probably isn’t the product for you. The other thing to note is that the sleeves may be a little too long for some women, but they are easy to cuff. Overall it is known for being very well made, cozy, and stylish.

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Snowe Honeycomb Bathrobe

The Snowe Honeycomb Bathrobe is a variation of the waffle weave that is constructed in a way to give the fabric a bit of stretch even though it is 100% long-staple cotton. The cotton is fast-drying, lightweight, and has a slightly different look than your standard waffle weave. The Snowe Honeycomb comes in unisex sizing so you can buy this for yourself and your partner and you can lounge together in luxury. It is very high-quality and lightweight, but warm enough to work year-round depending on the climate that you live in. The sleeves run a little bit longer than average, so you may have to roll them up if needed. The Snowe Honeycomb is truly a luxury that, for most, fits well, is a good weight, and is soft and breathable. It also features big pockets and is a suitable length for right out of the shower.  It comes in four unisex sizes and three colors: white, slate blue, and charcoal grey.

Available from Snowe

Embroidered Waffle Weave Kimono

A fantastic short kimono style design that you can get from Bed Bath and Beyond is the Embroidered Waffle Weave Kimono.  Available in 3 color options, blue, pink, or white, this waffle weave is an excellent option if you are looking for a wedding or bridesmaids style since it offers the embroidery option, it is an adorable style, and comes in a few bolder colors. It is also very affordable, especially if you have to buy a number of them as gifts. The weave is a cotton/polyester blend that is soft and easy to wash and dry.  It is also super soft, lightweight, and excellent quality. The other great thing about this style is that it isn’t too bulky for packing/for travel. If you need a quality gift with beautiful embroidery, this kimono is the perfect weight and length for almost anyone.

Available from Bed Bath and Beyond

Superior Cotton Waffle Weave Spa Bathrobe

For anyone who is looking for an extra-long robe, you may want to consider the Superior Cotton Waffle Weave Spa Bathrobe. It is a long length that will fall below mid-calf or to the ankle on most women which can be a style that is hard to find. It is made from 100-percent cotton terry cloth with a waffle dobby weave. It features two deep front pockets and sleeves that are easy to fold back. It comes in extensive sizing and a reasonable number of color options (aqua, charcoal, coral, cream, navy blue, and white). This an interesting style since the fabric is waffled on the outside with a very soft smooth French Terry towel texture on the inside, making it quite a heavy garment that won’t necessarily be suitable for everyone. You should expect some shrinkage with this syle, but it will still be oversized and have an extended length on most people. The sleeves are made to roll up if you need to, but the sizing on the sleeves is average.  This is not a thin summer style but a substantial and thick waffle weave that has a high-end spa quality to it.

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Turquaz Linen Lightweight Thigh Length Waffle Kimono

A budget waffle option that is available on Amazon is the Turquaz Linen Lightweight Thigh Length Waffle Kimono. The material is 65% cotton and 35% polyester that is said to be very soft and comfortable in addition to being warm and quick drying. This Kimono is a practical design that features the shorter length that is above the knee and the shorter arms that are perfect for getting ready, doing makeup, or even cooking without getting in your way. This style reportedly washes well and gets softer the more you wear it. The Turquaz Kimono is another choice if you are looking for a wedding or bridesmaid robe for getting ready as it is inexpensive, cute, and comes in a boatload of colors. It is a lightweight option that isn’t meant to keep you warm, but the cotton in the fabric mix will be absorbent out of the shower, and it would be great for lounging in the warmer months.

Available from Amazon

Kassatex Hotel Kimono Waffle Robes

A high-end hotel-style that is very luxe is the Kassatex Hotel Kimono Waffle Robes. It is 100% cotton and features a subtle waffle weave. It is a lightweight style that is perfect for the summer either for the shower, bath, or the pool. It is on the longer side but has a beautiful drape to it. It does have the kimono style of sleeves so they are a little bit wide and can be cumbersome for cooking and doing dishes. It comes in white or grey, and you can add a monogram for that personalized touch.

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Monarch Cypress Waffle Cotton 3/4 Sleeve Robe

Another oversized style that is designed with kimono style sleeves is the Monarch Cypress Waffle Cotton 3/4 Sleeve Robe. It is a big and roomy option that is soft and comfy for lounge or for right out of the shower. The 3/4 length sleeves are quite wide in addition to being shorter than average, but they won’t get in the way when cooking or doing dishes in the same way longer sleeve might.  It also has big, deep pockets and longer 48″ length. The weave is lightweight and stretchy that is quick-dry and comfortable right out of the shower. This Monarch design isn’t a 100% cotton but rather 67% cotton, blended with 33% polyester, I think the polyester is what helps to give it the stretch and adds to the comfort. It also helps it to stop it from getting wrinkled, which can be an issue with some of the waffle weaves. Overall it is a classy, medium weight no wrinkle garment that has a solid cozy feel to it.

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