5 of the Very Best Self Warming Pet Beds

A good self-heating dog or cat bed is an excellent investment for the winter. A self-heating bed is a little different from a regular design because it contains a type of material that uses the heat that your pet puts out and reflects it back to them, making them toasty and warm. Self-warming fabrics are fantastic for cats and dogs who have trouble with the cold and get chilled easily. There are no cords to be chewed, nothing safety-wise to worry about, and they can be used anywhere. They are also great for older pets who need a little extra comfort.

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We have found some of the best self-heating beds that are well-made, cozy, warm, and come in beautiful colors that will fit any decor styles.

Aspen Pet Self Warming Beds

This style from Aspen is one of the best options to consider when shopping for a good self-heating pet bed. It uses the heat-reflecting technology that you would find in Mylar space blankets. This self-reflective foil-like material usually makes a crinkly noise when a pet steps into it or moves while laying on it, but Aspen has been able to improve it, so it doesn’t make the sound anymore. It is excellent since that is usually the biggest downside to self-heating beds and mats.  It has all the benefits of keeping your pets safe and warm without having to use electricity or cords that can sometimes become safety issues. This particular design is made from faux lambswool that is plush and cozy, with the outer part made from wide-wale corduroy. It also has the all-important non-skid bottom, so it won’t move around when your pet is settling themselves. One thing to note about this design is that the sides aren’t firm, so they bend over easily when there is any pressure put on them, but they end up being an excellent height to be used as a pillow as your pet stretches out. Aspen makes this style of self-heating bed for all sizes of pet, including a rectangular shape that is 35″ x 27″ x 11″ that is suitable for large dogs. Overall this Aspen design is a warm, soft style at a great price.

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K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Pet Bed

Another leading brand for animal beds is K&H. They have all kinds of options, both big and small, for keeping pets comfortable in general when they sleep. Their self-warming designs are worth a look as they are high quality and use the type of material that will radiate heat back to your pet. The style pictured above has a non-slip bottom; it is easy to wash and comes in some beautiful color combinations. This bed is very fluffy and decent quality with a lovely soft feel to it that your cat or small dog will love. The edges are slightly more structured than the Aspen style listed above, but is still soft and cushioned to give a feeling of being enclosed. If you are concerned about the environment, the fill is made of recycled plastic bottles. This design does make a “crinkly” sound when you move it, but most owners aren’t overly bothered by it. If your cat is particularly skittish about noise, then this probably isn’t the best option for you. If you are looking for a larger size in this bed, try the K&H site.

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AmazonBasics Warming Pet Bed

The AmazonBasics Warming Pet Bed is an excellent design for almost all sizes of dogs and cats (it comes in 3 rounded sizes and three rectangular sizes). Like the two options listed above, it has a cozy, plush sleeping area with a lot of excellent padding and soft outer fabric. This design uses the self-heating material that may make a sound when your pet walks on it. Some cats are slightly bothered by it; some don’t notice it at all. This bed comes in a nice variety of colors to choose from and is relatively inexpensive. It can be machine washed and does not fade or show signs of wear with repeated washing.

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Self Warming Cat Thermal Bed – Cave Style

This cat cave is described as a self-warming thermal bed, although it doesn’t use any of the self-heat reflecting material, so there is no crinkly sound when your cat is using this cave. It will be a good design if your cat doesn’t like the crinkly sound of other options. The cave style means that your cat can hold in the heat in the same way humans do when they get under warm covers, so they stay warm. It is almost like a super luxurious cat sleeping bag. The material is a faux-fur lining and trim, with a combination of fleece and foam padding with a microfiber outer shell. You can adjust the style of the cave in a few different ways from the cave to being a flat mat, a cup, or a pod. It is easy to clean and doesn’t take up much space.

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Kivikis Cat House

Another option if you are interested in the cat cave style of design is this Kivikis Cat House. It will work as a house, a bed, a cave, or a mini room for your cat. It’s not specifically self-warming, but the design and the material make this a toasty option for your cat or possibly small dog. You can get Kivikis Cat House in 3 sizes, and there are a few different colors options. The material is 100% organic wool that feels like a very thick, warm felt. They are chemical-free and work well for cats who have allergies or who are just sensitive to other fabrics. This cat house should stay relatively clean as the wool is dirt-repellent, I don’t fully understand how it works, but it means that you shouldn’t have to wash it as often as other beds and you can clean it by vacuuming it or wiping it with a damp cloth to get rid of dirt on the surface. If you are interested in this style, other brands are selling similar looking caves, but be careful of products that claim to be wool that isn’t, as they won’t have the same level of warmth and won’t be as easy to clean.

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What to Look For

There are a couple of essential features you will want to keep in mind when shopping for a bed that will keep your pets warm in the cold winter months.

Self Heating vs. Self Warming– Some manufacturers use these terms a little bit loosely. Self-heating usually refers to products that contain materials that will reflect body heat back to your pet, making your pet warmer in the process. Self-warming is also sometimes used in pet products that keep the heat from escaping like in the cat caves that kind of act in the same way as a blanket would. If you are looking for heat reflective material, you will probably want to check the products specifications.

Machine Washable – An critical feature to look for is to get a design that is easy to machine or hand wash. Most dog and cat fabric beds are washable, but some of the budget options may not hold up as well to washing as high-quality options.

Sizing– Obviously, getting the right size of the bed is vital for your pet’s comfort. If you are ordering online, make sure you know exactly what size you are getting, since some of the product’s images can be misleading.

Sides – Another thing to be aware of is whether the sides of the bed are structured and supportive with more rigid foam, or whether they have a looser, cushioned feel that shift with your dog or cats weight as it moves and acts more like a pillow.

Color – Finally, color can be quite important for some pet parents when choosing a bed. Many of the most popular designs come in an excellent selection of colors that will blend in well with most decor. Before purchasing, you may want to consider if the style you have selected fits with your decor.

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