Best Shapewear Brands for Curves

The overwhelming popularity of shapewear and the increasing demand for more inclusive sizing has made it much easier for all sizes of women to be able to get good quality, comfortable shapewear in sizes that fit well, are affordable, and come in modern styles . If you have been finding it difficult to get shapewear for your figure, check out these great brands.


Spanx are the industry leader in shapewear, so it’s no surprise they have included up to 3X sizes to their collection. Their up to 3X sizes have all of the features that women have come to love about Spanx. There are lots of different styles to choose from that can smooth and shape your body, without digging in or being uncomfortable.  Some of the newer Spanx styles are pretty cute and a lot of their most popular styles are available in sizing up to 3X, the best way to find them on the site is to search by size . Spanx come in three levels of plus-size shapewear: light (smooth), medium (shape) and strong (sculpt).

Available from Spanx

Maidenform Curvy

Curvy is Maidenform’s plus size line of shapewear that is available at JC Penny, Kohls and Walmart. What is interesting about Maidenform Curvy is that rather than just sizing up from smaller patterns, the company came up with their designs by using curvy fit models and basing their patterns off the models bodies. They did this so they can improve the fit, feel and comfort of the line for curvy women specific needs. They only have 4 styles currently: a wear your own bra Torsette, a high waisted brief, a thigh slimmer and a body briefer. They all come in four sizes 1X to 4XL or U.S. dress sizes 16 to 30 . The colors are a little limited since they only come in body beige or black. Maidenform Curvy is a pretty new line only being introduced in August 2017, so hopefully they will add some new styles as the line gains in popularity.

Available from most major department stores or Amazon


Ulla Popken

Ulla Popken is a German women’s wear company that specializes in sizes 12 to 38. Their shapewear is very pretty and has slightly different styles than the most popular brands. They offer three levels of plus-size shapewear: light, medium and strong, and they offer everything from control top panties to body suits, so you should be able to find a style that will meet your needs.

You can find their shapewear through their website or on Amazon



Squeem is Brazilian shapewear brand that started in Brazil in 1936, but only launched in the U.S in 2010. They are most well known for their Perfect Waist, a very popular waist cincher, and their Seductive Vest, a shaping vest.  They are made from a thin, stretch rubber that is backed with cotton. Women love their waist cincher because it gives the shape of a corset without being super bulky and hard to move in. Ashley Graham has been wearing this brand for a while now and has done a lot to increased its popularity. Overall, Squeem has a reputation for being very feminine and for having really high quality construction and design. They go up to size 5XL.

Available from Amazon

Ashley Stewart


Ashley Stewart has been known for its fashionable and trendy looks for women with curves since it started in 1991. They have stores across the U.S or you can stop their website. They have some pretty great shapewear options that look amazing, that are functional as well as comfortable. They go up to size 4X.

Available from Ashley Stewart

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant has some really nice shapewear options. They are much prettier styles than you may expect if you haven’t been into a Lane Bryant for a while. Their lingerie and shapewear line called Cacique is really stepping up their game with the very successful Lane Bryant No Angel campaign, which is obviously a reference to Victoria Secret. You can also get standard shapewear like Spanx and Squeem at their stores and online.

Find at Lane Bryant


Rago are a little different than your average shapewear, they have been around for over 50 years and are most well known for their shaping briefs, girdles, and their waist cinchers. A lot of their styles are a little more sexy and retro looking than what most women are used to when shopping for control garments. Despite the kind of constricting look of the garments, they are actually known for being very comfortable, while still being able to stay firm. Rago uses a higher denier Spandex than most other brands that is able to hold everything in place really well, they are also designed with contour bands for extra control. Rago is a great brand for curves because they have a nice range of sizing.

Available on Amazon

What to Look for

Shopping for shapewear can be a little overwhelming. These days there are so many different styles, patterns and levels of control that it is difficult to know where to start. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are shopping for shapewear.

Levels of control– One of the most important things to consider is the level of control that you want in your garment. Most brands offer three levels of control: light, medium and firm. If you are looking for something that you can wear everyday that will smooth out your shape and not make you feel too restricted, then you should get light. If you want to shape or sculpt your figure, you will have to look for firm or ultra firm styles that use strong fabrics and compression to shape the body. They will not be as comfortable as the lightweight options, but you will get better results.

Types of Shapewear– There are lots of different styles of shapewear, but the 6 basic ones you should be aware of are:

  • Body suits
  • Shaping panties
  • Shaping camisoles and tanks
  • Slip shapers
  • Waist cinchers
  • Thigh slimmers

Depending on what body area you are looking to shape and the type of clothes you are wearing, each of the styles have pros and cons for different occasions. Most products will include the areas that they cover in the description online or on the packaging.

Sizing– It is important before you purchase any undergarments that you know your size and you shop according to your size. Check manufacturer’s sizing charts and don’t be tempted to go up or down a size. Shapewear works best if you get the right size for you body measurements.