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The Best At-home Pain Relief Devices for Pets

No one wants to see their pets suffering and in pain; thankfully, there are laser and light therapy devices that you can use at home to help reduce pain in your dog, cat, or larger animals like horses. Similar to the cold laser and red light therapy that veterinary clinics offer, these portable, easy-to-use pain..

Best Purses and Handbags for Back Pain

Purses that are bulky and heavy on your shoulders can often lead to back pain. We have found some of the best options available if you are looking for a light, comfortable, ergonomic, and healthier bag for your body. From styles that are cross-body, sling, and backpack purses to tiny clutches, we have found the..

6 of the Best Neck and Back Massagers

Updated 18 Feb 2019  A quality neck or back massager is well worth the investment if you have knots or pain in your neck or lower back. Not only are they relatively inexpensive when compared to treatment from a professional, but they are also ready to use when and wherever you may need them. There..