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Fitness Trackers for Kids

Products Best Features Rating (out of 5) Price Garmin Vivofit Jr   1-year battery life, no need to recharge Good for ages 4-9 Waterproof Comes in cool a number of cool colors   4.4 Check Pricing Leapband Uses a rewards system that exchanges movements for points. Has 50 challenges for kids Personalize your pet character

Smartwatches for Kids Reviews

Updated Feb 19, 2019 What makes a good smartwatch for children? The features that make a good smartwatch for kids aren’t going to be the same features that you would look for with an adult. Kids want games, bright colors, touch screens, cameras, videos and voice recorders. Parents want kid trackers, fitness trackers, educational games

Leapfrog Leapband

What you need to know about the Leapband The Leapband is essentially a device designed to get your kids up and moving. It is aimed at kids ages 4 to 7 and can be considered a kind of fitness tracker for very young children. It aims to promote healthy habits by using games with physical

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

What do parents need to know about the Kidizoom This is technically not really a smart watch as it doesn’t have GSP tracking or voice calling but it does call itself a smartwatch and here are some of the reasons why your kids will love this device. It is designed for kids ages 4 to