The Best Underwear for Toddler Boys and Girls

If your child has completed potty training or is still in the midst of it and you are looking for some nice underwear for your toddler to help move things along, you have come to the right place. Not only can a  great pair of underwear help your little one potty train faster, but it can also help make getting dressed in the morning easier if you get a style that your little one loves to wear.

Whether you are looking for budget-friendly designs or higher-end picks, we have rounded up our favorite brands. Many of the styles on this list work well for kids who are sensitive to rough fabric against their skin or who need to wear organic cotton.

Underwear shopping for kids should be reasonably straightforward, but it is actually pretty hard to find that perfect pair. Kids who don’t usually get bothered by the feel of certain fabric can run into issues with comfort because of scratchy seams or too tight elastic. Toddlers also love their movie and TV characters, so that also comes into play when choosing a great style.  Scroll down to check out our list of the best underwear for toddlers.


Gap Toddler Briefs (7-Pack)

Since underwear sits directly on your child’s skin, you want to look for fabrics that are super soft and comfy. A great place to start is at Gap, they have some of the best kids’ options around. Since Gap focuses on the softest kinds of cotton and has perfected the right fit for their briefs, they are a favorite for a lot of parents.

The Gap Toddler Briefs (7-Pack) that are pictured are made from a soft jersey knit. You can get them in stylish prints and fun graphics that your little one will love.

Available from Gap

Gap Bikini Briefs (7-Pack)

Another excellent option from Gap that is good for girls is the Gap Bikini Briefs (7-Pack). These are similar to the boy’s brief in that they are made from ultra-soft cotton that feels amazing. This seven-pack comes with assorted prints and stripes in subtle hues.

These are usually an excellent fit for little girls, and most parents don’t have any problems with this set causing irritation or discomfort. This pick is known for its adorable prints, good quality, good coverage, and good-sized leg holes.

Available from

Primary Boxer Brief 3-Pack

The Primary Boxer Brief 3-Pack is a modern, stylish design that is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The spandex gives the fabric blend a little bit of stretch to help make the undies easy to move around in. The cotton is also OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified so that just means that it doesn’t use any harmful chemicals when the material is being processed.

Like most of Primary’s clothes, this underwear is nicely made, comes in great colors, and is comfy and cute. The fit of these shorts is a little loose, so it makes it easy for toddlers to get on and off by themselves since they are not constricting in the legs or waist.

Available from Primary

Primary Bikini 3-Pack

Similar to the boxer brief option, this bikini style that is also from Primary is made of a fabric that is OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified. It is sold in a pack of three and is made from cotton that has a little bit of spandex added to the blend that makes it stretchy and soft.

This bikini style is loved for its cute colors, high-waisted fit, and high quality of the material.

Available from Primary

Carter’s Boy’s 7 Pack Briefs


You can’t go wrong with Carter’s underwear for both boys and girls. They are always comfy and excellent quality. A good style for toddlers is Carter’s Boy’s 7 Pack Briefs. They are 100% cotton, tag-free, and are made with a no-pinch elastic waistband.

This seven-pack has a nice mix of cute dinosaurs, bears, firetrucks, sports graphics, and prints, so there are lots of options for your child to choose from. They have good-sized leg holes that aren’t too tight yet also don’t stretch out and get saggy. The fabric is soft and breathable, and the waistband elastic is good quality and won’t stretch out.

Available from Amazon

Boden Underwear 7-Pack

Boden always has lovely prints with high-quality fabrics, so they are often an excellent choice to find fun, comfy underwear for your kids. A nice option for girls is the Boden 7-Pack. These are made from a super soft 100% pure cotton that comes in different color options with graphics or stripes. Boden’s kid’s clothes are always well made, soft, colorful, and so comfortable.

If the girl you are shopping for has sensitive skin, some parents find these Boden undies to work well for their child because not only is the cotton super soft, but the edging is also smooth, so there is nothing scratchy to irritate the skin.

Available from

Boden 5 Pack Pants

For the boys, Boden offers the 5 Pack Pants (as well as a few other options). Boden is a British company, so that is why they call them ‘pants’ in case you were wondering. These pants are made from 100% cotton, and they have an elasticated waist for a snug fit. They feature stylish space prints or stripes that most little boys will love.

The leg opening isn’t too snug, so they are easy to get on and off as well. These are another pick that has a soft waistband, thick comfy fabric, and outstanding quality.

Available from

Hanna Andersson Unders In Organic Cotton

Hanna Andersson has a few different options for toddlers. If you are in the process of potty training, you can try the organic cotton trainers that are pictured above that are a little thicker and have a bit more absorbency than a standard design.

If you want to get a regular pair of underwear, Hanna Andersson has Disney, DC, and Star Wars options that are made from organic cotton. They also have nonlicensed character designs that have fun, colorful prints and are also made from organic cotton.

If you are looking for options that don’t have any exposed elastic that would touch the skin, Hanna Andersson does offer styles where the elastic is encased in the fabric, so it never touches the skin.

Available from

 Licensed Character Underwear

Toddlers love to wear their favorite cartoon, movie, and tv characters on their underwear. The best places to find them are Amazon, Kohls, JC Penny, and Walmart. As mentioned above, Hanna Andersson also has options that have licensed characters that are made from soft organic cotton.

You can get underwear in pretty much any character your child is interested in from Baby Shark, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, any DC or Marvel character, any Disney character; there are far too many to list. Underwear with character can help with potty training or just basically getting your little one to put on his or her underwear without a fight.

Depending on the company that makes a particular pair of underwear that feature licensed characters, fabrics may not be as soft as other brands out there. If your child is bothered by uncomfortable materials, you will want to pay attention to any review on a style that may mention the feel of the fabric. If your child really loves a character, then they may not even notice whether the material is comfy or not.

Tucker + Tate 5-Pack Hipster Briefs

If you aren’t a fan of the super, bring graphic styles of kids undies, you can try The Tucker + Tate 5-Pack Hipster Briefs. These are slightly pricer styles that you can find at Nordstrom. They are a hipster cut that comes in a lightweight cotton stretch material. They don’t ride up, have subtle yet cute patterns, and the fabric is very soft to the touch.

These undies are not super high-waisted, the material is a little thinner than other styles on this list, but they are still durable and wash and wear well. The only downside to this style is that it runs large, so you have to be careful with sizing.

Available from Nordstrom

Tucker + Tate also have great boys styles

Hanes Toddler Girls Tagless Cotton Brief Underwear, 10-Pack

The Hanes Toddler Girls Tagless Cotton Brief Underwear that comes in a 10-pack is a great budget option that (depending on where you buy them from ) works out to cost somewhere between $1-$2 a pair, so they are excellent value. They are made from 100% comfortable soft cotton and come in assorted colors and patterns.

The patterns vary a bit, so if you order online, you may not get the exact pattern that you were expecting, although, for very young children, they are all pretty child-friendly. They are tag-free and have full coverage at the back, so your child shouldn’t run into any issues with the undies riding up.

Available from

PACT Hipster Undies 4-pack

A great place to find soft, breathable organic cotton undies is from PACT. They sell a four-pack in a funky hipster design that is a little different than some of the other toddler options out there.

They are known for being comfy,  with a soft elastic waistband that stays in place well. These are high-quality underwear that fit great, don’t ride up, and are very durable.

Available from PACT

PACT boxer brief 4-pack

PACT also sells a cute trunk-style boxer brief that is made of the same breathable organic cotton as the hipster design listed above. It has the same comfortable waistband and is also tagless, and the fabric is prewashed so you won’t get any shrinking with this design.

Since they are a trunk style, the leg openings are loose and won’t bind or feel too bulky.  They also don’t have any seams on the back, and the seams are only at the front.

Available from PACT

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