The Best School Uniform Shorts for Girls

There are a lot of factors that go into finding the best uniform shorts for girls.  School clothes need to be comfortable, durable, and, hopefully, as stain-resistant as possible. They should also have an excellent waistband to help them stay up and be suitable for a long day.

Most importantly, they need to look as good as possible to keep the girl you are buying for happy and willing to wear them. Yes, this seems like an impossible task, but we are here to make your quest a bit more manageable by honing in on a few of the best uniform brands out there.

We have highlighted seven excellent designs that are the best girls’ school shorts on the market. Your student will have no trouble wearing these styles that will easily withstand the daily wear and tear your child will put them through.  See them below.

Kids Uniform Bermuda Shorts

Kids Uniform Bermuda Shorts

The Gap Kids Uniform Bermudas with Gap Shield are a great style to begin your search for that perfect pair of school shorts.

This option is known for having a very soft yet durable cotton fabric that has a little bit of stretch and also includes stain-resistant properties in the material. For clothes that kids are wearing every day, the ability to get dirt and stains out of the fabric easily is a huge bonus. Many school options are stain-resistant, and it is an important feature to look for. Not only will it most likely extend the life of the garment, but it should also mean you will have to buy fewer shorts in the long run.

Like most Gap clothes, these Bermudas come in a high-quality fabric that is well made and has a well-thought-out design. Most parents like the fit of this style that comes in regular, slim, or plus.

Available from Gap

The Children’s Place Girls Uniform Chino Shorts

The Children's Place Girls Uniform Chino Shorts


The Children’s Place is a very reliable place to find uniform essentials. They always have a great selection of school-approved colors, and their uniform basics are inexpensive and are excellent quality for the price you are paying.

They offer a chino-style short that has been designed for girls in a soft cotton twill that has a hint of spandex to give it a little bit of stretch. This style has both front and back pockets and button closure with a zippered fly. There is an inner adjustable waistband with belt loops on the outside of the band if you prefer your child to wear a belt.

The other notable feature is the fabric has been prewashed so it won’t shrink and is extra soft.

Available from The Children’s Place

Old Navy Uniform Bermudas for Girls

Old Navy Uniform Bermudas for Girls

Old Navy’s Uniform Bermudas for Girls are a favorite of a lot of parents. They are inexpensive, have an excellent fit, and are comfy for kids to wear. Since they are a Bermuda style, they are designed to hit around the knee, so they can usually work for school dress codes.

Like most kids’ shorts, they have the inner adjustable waistband that helps get that perfect fit. The fabric is a soft, medium-weight twill that does not shrink or fade, and is nice and durable.

This style has a snap-button closure for sizes 5-8 and regular button closure for the larger sizes.

Available from Old Navy

Nautica Girls Cuffed Twill Shorts

Nautica Big Girls Cuffed Twill Shorts

If you are looking for girls’ uniform options that are extra comfortable, you will want to consider the Nautica Girls Cuffed Twill Shorts. These are a looser and slightly shorter style that may pass school dress codes depending on how strict the code is.

They have an elastic waistband and button-closure pockets. The fabric is a Lyocell/cotton, which is a very soft blend, so if you have a child who has trouble with more stiff material, this may be a style to consider.

Available from Macy’s

French Toast Girls’ Twill Bermuda Short

French Toast Girls' Twill Bermuda Short

French Toast is the go-to uniform brand for many parents. Since the main focus of the brand is uniforms, they have perfected their garments, so they meet school dress codes but also work well for kids’ needs.

They have a girls’ Twill Bermuda that is very popular. The fabric blend is mostly cotton, they feature a hook and bar closure, and they are incredibly durable. This is a knee-length design, so if you are looking for a longer style, you should check out this option.

French Toast’s styles are known for being durable, lasting a long time, and are excellent quality. They don’t fade or shrink after washing, and most kids find them to be comfortable to wear.

Available from Amazon

Lands’ End Uniform Girls Plain Front Blend Chino Shorts


Lands' End Uniform Girls Plain Front Blend Chino Shorts

The Lands’ End School Uniform Girls Plain Front Blend Chino Shorts are a simple classic style that will work well for a lot of girls. They have side as well as back pockets, are made of a soft 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend, and come with the adjustable inside waistband for room to grow.

The leg is made to be a little bit slimmer and more fashionable than some of the wider leg options available from other brands.  Lands’ End uniform basics are usually well-made and stand up to lots of wear.

Available from Lands’ End

Wonder Nation Uniform Stretch Twill Pull-On Shorts

Wonder Nation Uniform Stretch Twill Pull-On Shorts

Wonder Nation’s Uniform Stretch Twill Pull-On Shorts are comfy, loose, and suitable for school wear. These are a cute pull-on option that is perfect for younger kids since they have a full elastic waistband that makes it easy for kids to pull up and take off.

This design has four handy functional pockets that are useful for all kinds of things. The colors are a little bit limited as it only comes in khaki and navy, but parents who bought this style love the elastic comfort waistband and the overall comfort feel of this design. This is an option that washes well and comes out of the dryer looking great.

Available from

What to Look For:

When shopping for that perfect pair of uniform shorts, there are a few things that you will want to consider:

Color- The colors for school options are pretty standard, navy, black, grey, and various shades of khaki. Grey can be a little bit harder to find, so if you need that for your child’s dress code, you could try French Toast or Lands’ End as they often stock grey options.

Waistband- Pretty much every children’s style of short now includes an adjustable waistband (thank goodness). These are great to help your child get that perfect fit, and you can, in some cases, buy a slightly bigger size and just adjust the waistband as your child grows to get the most wear out of the clothes.

Stain-resistant- Some brands treat the fabric of the shorts with a stain-resistant wash that makes them easier to keep clean and to last longer. There are issues regarding how safe the chemicals that are used to make specific fabric stain resistant, although this is beyond the scope of this post. If this is a concern for you, then avoid options that are wrinkle-free or stain-resistant, or research this a bit more before you make any purchases.

Fabric– Most uniform shorts are cotton or a cotton-polyester blend. Cotton will be the most breathable and possibly comfortable, while a cotton-poly blend may be more durable but not quite as breathable unless it is a high-performance newer fabric type.

Length- To meet school dress codes, you may have to double-check the inseam length on any styles you are considering. The height of the child will also play into whether the hem will fall at the appropriate place on the leg to meet the dress code.

Fit– Uniform shorts tend to have a very distinctive fit. They are usually straight leg but with a wider fit. A slimmer leg tends to look a little better (or at least more stylish) than a wide leg, and some brands have updated their designs to make the legs a little less wide.

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