How We Review

Our mission at Check What’s is simple: provide honest, accurate and unbiased reviews of products that we use in our own lives.

We feel that an independent review process is the most effective way to find the best products. We primarily use ‘Best Of’  lists of reviewed products to help our readers compare similar products in a quick and concise manner. To come up with these lists, we use a variety of testing procedures, including a comparative method of analysis and personal product testing. To round out our analysis, we also collect reviews from numerous sites and sources. Using a massive collection of data helps us develop a rapid review synthesis of which products are the most valued by customers in a particular area, leading to information that is reliable and comprehensive.

All of our reviews are produced by our small, but dedicated team of product experts, each with their own area of expertise. Our writers choose what to write about based on their interests and areas of expertise. Our writers have the final say on what is reviewed and what appears in the review. None of our reviews are approved or vetted by manufacturers. Our contributors must also follow our strict ethics policy that prohibits incentives from companies that we review.