The Very Best Vibrating Alarm Clock

People who are hard of hearing or are deep sleepers often find standard alarm clocks not very effective at waking them up. A good solution is to buy a vibrating alarm clock. These types of clocks come with a device that you put under your bed, your pillow or you can wear as a watch. When it is time to wake up, it vibrates and the alarm goes off. Most of the vibrating alarm clocks also come with extra loud alarms and lamp flashers. Vibrating alarm clocks are also a great option for anyone who has to wake up without disturbing others.

There are a wide variety of vibrating clocks on the market; the following is a comparison chart of some of the bestselling and top rated products you can buy.

Best for Heavy Sleepers

Runner Up

Best Features

Best for Hard of Hearing

 sonicboom sbr350ss timeshaker wakeassure
Sonic Boom SBB500ssSonic Alert SBR350ss Sonic Boom Vibrating Alarm Clock with AM/FM RadioiLuv TimeshakerClarity 600 Wake Assure Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker
  •  One of the most popular clocks of this type
  • The loudest ringer you can get 113 dB
  • red flashing alert
  • 12 volt bed shaker
  •  Large Clear Display
  • 12 volt bed shaker
  • 113 dB
  • Battery Backup
  • Stream music wirelessly from your mobile device
  • Stereo speakers
  • Large LCD display
  • Multiple alarm options: music, radio, buzzer, bed shaker
  • FM radio function
  • USB charging port to charge your Apple or Android device
  • Very bright LCD Display
  • 85+ dB Alarm
  • Bedshaker and Lamp Flasher

Key features to look for:

For consumers, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind when choosing a clock. These include the power source, the loudness of the alarm, strength of the bed shaker and many other things.

  • Extra Loud Audible Alarm some alarms have an adjustable tone and volume and can go up to 113db. The combination of tone and volume control allow you to personalize the sound to your preference
  • Bed Shaker– Vibrating alarms come with a bed shaker that you place under your mattress or pillow. When the alarm goes off the shakers will vibrate your mattress or pillow to wake you up. This is a very effective way for people with hearing loss to wake up.  The shaker is small enough to fit under your pillow and vibrates at a set time to awaken you. Couples and roommates can take advantage of the shaker to wake up discreetly. Heavy sleepers and those who are hearing impaired can use the shaker in conjunction with an audible alarm to ensure they wake up on time.
  • Lamp Flasher – Some clocks have an option to plug a lamp into an outlet at the back of a clock or at the end of a cord, when the alarm goes off the lamp will flash or many have a light flasher built into the unit.
  • Power Source- While most vibrating clocks are one that you plug into an electrical outlet, you may want to ensure that any model you choose also has a battery backup in the case of a power outage or if you will be using it while travelling.
  • Time Display If you wear glasses or are visually impaired you may want to consider products that have a large, bright LED or LCD display. Conversely if you are someone who is bothered by a bright display there are products that allow you to change the brightness or that dim the display while you are sleeping.
  • Snooze Button – A snooze button is a pretty standard feature on most alarm clocks but you may want to check the length of the snooze delay and whether you are able to program it.

Recommendations and Reviews

Best Vibrating Alarm Clock (Overall)

Sonic Boom SBB500ss


PROS: Extremely loud ringer 113 dB, built-in red flashing alert lights,  battery backup,12 volt bed shaker.

CONS: Some complaints about customer service and the quality of the device wasn’t what some users expected. The shaker is so powerful it may wake up a partner, if you are sharing a bed.

Need to Know – Sonic Alert (the company that makes the Sonic Boom) pretty much have a lock on the vibrating alarm clock market. They have a number of choices that are great options, if you are looking for a LOUD vibrating alarm.

What users love: This alarm will scare the pants off you it is so loud, it will wake up even the deepest sleeper. If you have a hard time waking up or if you have a kid that doesn’t like to wake up, this alarm will shake them out of the bed. It is easy to use, and very small and compact so it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your bedside table.  The vibration from the shaker is very strong  to help shake those heavy sleepers out of bed.
What could be improved: A few reviews have mentioned that the clock has some trouble keeping accurate time, in particular it jumps ahead and you have to adjust it every few weeks.

Good for : Deep sleepers who sleeps through alarms normal alarm, hard of hearing.


Runner Up

Sonic Alert SB300 Sonic Boom Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock with Large Display

greenamazonPROS: Large Display, 113db extra-loud alarm, inexpensive

CONS: Face of clock can be a little too bright at night, no reset button

Need to Know– This is a good alarm for people who are hard to wake. Just the vibrating alarm is enough to wake most people or you can adjust the sound level of the alarm to the very loud 113dB or lower if that is too much. The clock may be a little big for some users, it has a 1.8″ display.

What reviewers love about this alarm: You can adjust everything on this alarm: snooze time, alarm volume and pitch, whether you have just the alarm, just the bed shaker, or both. Some users have noted that one of the best features is adjustable time on the snooze button. While others find it  aesthetically pleasing. The very large display is very easy to read at night even for someone that requires eyeglasses during the day.

What Could be Improved: The face of clock is a little too bright at night for some users, and there is no reset button. There are also some design issues that bother some users in particular the buttons for changing the alarm is on the back of the unit.

Who would love this :This is a good option for visually impaired or people who don’t wear their glasses to bed
It is also a great product for hearing impaired people or heavy sleepers, guaranteed to wake you up.


Best for Gadget Lover

iLuv Timeshaker Micro

greenamazonPROS: Plays music from an FM radio and also allows you to pair your phone via Bluetooth with clear speaker. It also has good but not too powerful pillow shaker.

CONS: No battery backup, speaker is a little weak.

Need to Know: This is a simple alarm/radio/Bluetooth streaming unit that has great sound and a really cool dimming option so the screen is not always bright. Users love the pillow shaker because it only wakes up the person whose pillow it is under not both people in the bed.

What makes this a great product: It has a pillow shaker that vibrates, you can also stream music wirelessly from your mobile device via Bluetooth®. It also has an easy to read very large LCD display. You can customize the type of alarm you want with the multiple alarm options that include music, radio, buzzer, bed shaker.

What do the reviewers love about this gadget: Most reviewers find that the sound quality is good and customer love the ability to “dim” the clock to a very low setting.  The silent shaker is also a bit hit with most reviewers as it  is perfect for people who need to wake up at different times without disturbing each other. You are also able to set two different alarms.

What could be improved: Some customers have complained that they have found the device to be cheaply made and a little clunky and some of the buttons stopped working while the device was still relatively new

Good for people who: The shaker on this one isn’t as powerful as some of the other shakers so it is good for people who don’t want to wake up partner in bed. It is also good for people who don’t like a bright display, as it bothers them at night.



Best for Hard of Hearing

Clarity 600 Wake Assure Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker

greenamazonPROS: Large Display, loud 85+ decibel alarm, bed shaker and a lamp flasher

CONS: The manual is very uninformative and difficult to understand.

Need to Know: One of the biggest markets for vibrating alarm clocks are the hearing impaired. Obviously if you have taken your hearing aid out it is going to be difficult to hear an alarm clock so the. One of the companies that specialize in products for the hearing impaired is Clarity. This alarm has a bright light and a very strong bed shaker.

What reviewers love about this alarm: Customers love that it has a variable tone and an adjustable volume in case you get used to it. The flashing light is also an important feature for those who are hearing impaired.

What could be improved: The snooze and the reset button are combined into one button, you press it once to reset and twice to get out of snooze, this seems to cause a lot of confusion for some users. The lamp is also part of the snooze/reset combo button but it isn’t as much of a problem.

Great for people with: hearing loss who need an extra loud ringer as well as a light flasher. It is also good for heavy sleepers, and people who don’t want to wake others in the room.


The prices for vibrating alarm clocks range from just below $20 to $70. You can get a good quality basic alarm clock for around $30 but if you want extra features you can expect to pay slightly more. You can get them at some major retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Sears and online through Amazon or EBay, as well as directly from some manufacturers websites.


As far as the best performing vibrating alarm clock, the clear choice is the Sonic Bomb with super shaker. It is super loud has dual alarms as well as pulsating alert lights and the Super Shaker bed vibrating unit, if you cannot wake up with this alarm clock you are in big trouble.


The standard warranty for most of these clocks is a one year limited warranty as long as you return your warranty card.  Standard return policies apply if you buy from a major retailer (i.e. 30 return window).


If you are someone who has a difficult time waking up to a regular alarm clock either due to hearing loss or just because you are a deep sleeper, you should give one of these vibrating alarm clocks a try. They are relatively inexpensive and have a lot of great features like extra loud ringers, bed shakers and flashing lights that can help get you up and out of bed without disturbing your partner or roommate.