9 of the Best Terry Cloth Spa Slippers for Women

Terry cloth spa slippers are a great option if you are looking to get that spa feel at home, or you love soft, absorbent footwear. There are several good terry cloth designs to check out, so we have rounded up the best quality and best value styles that work well for getting out of the shower or if you just want a cozy option for your feet. All of the slippers on our list are known for being super comfy and a dream to wear. We have found a couple of orthopedic options as well as a few styles with memory foam that bring instant comfort and relaxation as soon as you slip them on.

Dearfoams Women’s Quilted Terry Clog

The Dearfoams Women’s Quilted Terry Clog Mule Slipper is a lovely 100% microfiber terry cloth style that has a beautiful quilted pattern and satin piping that gives it an attractive look. The terry cloth is super absorbent, so it makes them a suitable choice for out of the shower. They should retain a high comfort level due to the multi-density cushioned insole with memory foam. The other great thing about this style is that they have a sturdy rubber sole that offers excellent support so you can wear them outside in a pinch if you need to. Since they are a clog style, they are easy to get on and off, and the closed-toe front means your feet will stay toasty warm. They are also easy to clean as they can be thrown in the washing machine. If you’re looking for a comfy, roomy, warm (but not too warm) design, they are well worth a look.

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Isotoner Women’s Terry Ballerina

The Isotoner Women’s Terry Ballerina is a classic terrycloth style. Some women love this Isotoner design and go back to it year after year. Since it is ballerina style, it isn’t the most supportive option out there, but they are fantastic as a comfy slip-on made from cotton-blend plush terry. This terry ballerina has a thin, flexible skid-resistant rubber sole, so they are easy to slip into a purse or luggage if you want a style that you can wear when you are away from home to have a bit of support but aren’t overly bulky. What is great about the ballerina style is that they will stay securely on your feet and won’t slip off like clog or slip-on styles may do. Most women find the ballerina design to be very comfortable, and you can get it in cute patterns and colors that look great. This is a cute style if you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want a quality lightweight option that you will enjoy wearing that has a good tread so you won’t slip or fall.

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Vionic Gracie

The Vionic Gracie is a lovely slipper that features a little bit of a heel and a luxurious terry upper. The Gracie is a wonderful choice if you have foot issues that leave you needing a lot of support in your footwear. Vionic shoes use something called Orthaheel technology that provides contoured arch support. It also features flexible EVA midsoles, which helps to absorb shock when you walk. After wearing for a couple of weeks, most women find the Gracie to be very comfortable and supportive. You will love wearing this style after a bath or a shower as the terry cloth is soft and silky but still absorbs excess moisture. It comes in a few basic colors as well as a natural leopard print if you are feeling a little bit more exotic. They are a little bit of a splurge ($65), so they make a great gift, especially for someone who has foot issues. Some women find them to have a very shoe-like feel, as they are a little bit heavy, so depending on your preference for a lighter or more shoe-like feel, you will want to keep that in mind. You should also be aware that these are not cushy like some styles, but are a fully supported option with a slightly harder footbed.

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Vionic Relax

The Vionic Relax is very similar to the Vionic Gracie; it is just a slightly different design. It has the same orthotic footbed and flexible midsole as well as the same super plush terry cloth fabric. The main difference between this style and the Gracie is the closure, which is an adjustable hook-and-loop (velcro type) closure so you can change the tightness of the strap as opposed to the toe post of the Gracie. Since the Relax is orthotic design, it does take a little bit of time to break in and for your foot to adjust to the footwear, but once broken in, women adore this footwear. The advantages of the Relax is that your feet won’t hurt when wearing them (even if you have to spend long periods standing), they have an open design so your feet won’t overheat, and the velcro closure means that you can adjust the fit easily.  This is an excellent style if you are looking for something comfortable, supportive, and nice-looking with an open toe. One other thing to be aware of with this style, as well as the Gracie, is that they are not machine washable, so to keep them clean, you have to spot clean them.

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Isotoner® Mixed Microterry Hoodback Clog Slippers

The Isotoner® Mixed Microterry Hoodback Clog is another classic microterry clog slippers. They feature memory foam for comfort that will mold to the shape of your foot. These are slightly different from the Dearfoams clog listed above as they have a slight heel that contains extra cushioning. The sole is rubber and has slip-resistant features, so it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. If you end up getting them dirty, they are easy to machine wash and air-dry. Due to the thick cushioned sole, these slippers feel great to move around in, like other styles, the cushioning will eventually wear out and have to be replaced.  Still, the Isotoner brand memory foam is one of the best cushioning options out there. The Mixed Microterry Hoodback Clog is a great all-around slipper that is durable, warm, and that will wear well.

Available from J C Penny

Rave II Slipper from Daniel Green

The Rave II Slipper from Daniel Green is one of the more luxe terry cloth options available. This style has a high-end spa feel due to the soft and breathable terry fabric. The Rave II features a lightweight rubber sole that is suitable for both indoor and light outdoor activity. They are a closed-toe style that has a padded memory-foam insole. What women love about this style is that it is very lightweight yet has a decent amount of cushioning and is modern and stylish looking.  Some women find the sizing to run a little small, so if you are interested in this style and are thinking about ordering online, be careful with the size you order. Despite being very luxurious, you can easily wash The Rave II in a washing machine, and they hold up well; even the padding maintains its cushioned feel. They are also durable enough to wear outside without any damage, and they stay on the foot well. They come in five subtle, pretty colors as well as a cheetah pattern. This is another style that is good for travel as they don’t take up much space and they are easy to clean once you get home. They don’t tend to be overly warm but are warm enough for the winter as well as year-round wear in most climates.

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Acorn New Spa Thong

The Acorn New Spa Thong thong is the perfect product to get a spa feel at home or if you are looking for a style that works well in a warmer climate. These are super comfortable, they wash and wear well, and are also great for right out of the shower. The soles shape to your foot, and the slipper stays put with the memory-foam insoles molding perfectly and becoming more comfortable the more you wear them. The fuzzy fabric feels so amazingly soft and silky that a lot of women look forward to putting them on when they return home from a long day. This is a good style if you have feet that get sweaty as the fabric has sweat-wicking properties or will absorb moisture out of the shower. As mentioned above, the memory foam means this style will conform to your foot shape and give you a lit bit of support without being overly heavy. One thing to note is that it does have a slight heel for extra support. This thong can be machine washed and dried.

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The Windsock TEMPUR-PEDIC®A is yet another clog style closed-toe option that features a wonderfully contoured footbed along with the comfy terry cloth material. The sole, like almost all of the other options on this list, is rubber indoor/outdoor flexible sole that is very durable. The stand out feature is the Tempur-pedic material that molds to the feet of the person wearing them that makes them really comfy slippers. They also don’t lose the cushioning as quickly over time as some styles can.  These slippers tick all the boxes for a perfect style, from comfort to support. They come in black, pink, light blue,  or cream, with the lighter colors being quite lovely.

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