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8 of the Best Scrunchie Brands

Scrunchies are super cute and are a great way to add some color and texture to your look. They also have the added benefit of being healthier for your hair than regular hair ties that can damage and rip out your hair. The new generation of scrunchies are less bulky than those from the nineties,..

Eleven of the Most Comfortable Underwire Bras

Underwire bras are by far the most popular and best-selling type of bra on the market.¬†Women love them because they give you the best support, lift, and they help give your breasts an excellent shape. Unfortunately, underwire styles aren’t generally known for being comfortable, especially for women who wear larger cup sizes. An uncomfortable style..

20 of the World’s Most Popular Perfumes

Trying to determine the best perfume is an impossible task since obviously everyone has different likes and dislikes. A better way to gauge what fragrances are worth considering is to find out which scents have stood the test of time and have become legendary in their own right. If you are wondering what brands have..

Best Home Microdermabrasion Machines

For anyone interested in microdermabrasion, but who doesn’t want to pay the hefty prices for professional treatments, there are some portable devices that you can use at home that can give you the same kind of results that you get at the spa. These new devices are a very effective treatment to help you get..

The World’s Most Popular Mascaras

Finding the best mascara is no easy feat; there are hundreds of different options to choose from available. You can get formulas for all different types of lashes that promise you an even coating with no lumps that are neither too heavy nor too light. What else does the perfect mascara do? It should lengthen,..