Shopping for a plus sized nursing bra that is supportive and comfortable can be difficult. There are lots of nursing bras to choose from, but unfortunately many of the most popular styles and brands don’t work that well for larger cup sizes. Before your milk comes in it is hard […]

The Best Plus Size Nursing and Maternity Bras

There are a few different reasons for wearing a belly support band when you are pregnant; some women use them to help manage back or pelvic pain, while others would like extra support for their pregnant belly while exercising. You can also use some types of these bands to help […]

The 10 Best Maternity Belts and Bands

It’s very easy to make soy milk at home, although depending on the method you use it can be somewhat labour intensive. If you make soy milk on a daily basis you might find an automatic soymilk maker (also called soy milk machine) will make your life easier. If you […]

Top 5 Best Soy Milk Makers 2017

There are a lot of really good options if you are looking for a pet self-warming pad, also known as a thermal warming mat for your dog or cat. Self-warming pads are a great investment that will help to keep your pets warm and cozy all year long without the […]

The 10 Best Pet Self-Warming Pads

Keeping dogs and cats safe and warm during winter months can be difficult in certain circumstances, especially if you are trying to keep the heat in your house low to save on energy costs, or you have an outdoor pet who needs a way to stay warm. A lot of […]

The Safest Heating Pads for Pets

Electric heating pads are great for all kinds of pain, especially in the neck, shoulders, back, and spine. They also work well to help with pain relief for menstrual cramps. Today’s electric pads can heat up in seconds, give you the option to have moist or dry heat, and they often […]

Best Electric Heating Pads for Pain Relief

Buying your child a pair of wireless headphones can be a great investment; especially for long plane or car rides where you don’t want to have to hear what your kids are watching or listening to. Getting headphones that are wireless can be particularly useful for kids because it means […]

Best Wireless Headphones for Kids

Topical pain relievers may be able to help you find relief if you are dealing with minor joint and muscle pain. Topical pain products can come in a few different forms including cream, gel, foam, patches, spray, sticks or roll-on (gels). As well as muscle and joint pain, some pain relieving […]

The Best Topical Pain Relief Creams, Gels and Rubs

Neck and shoulder wraps that you heat in the microwave or chill in the freezer can be an easy and inexpensive way to help ease a variety of ailments without any side effects.  The best heating pads for neck and shoulder pain are the ones that have been infused with […]

Best Microwave Heat Packs for Neck and Back

At home red and infrared light therapy devices are an increasingly common way for people to treat a variety of different conditions such as joint pain and arthritis. Infrared devices for use at home are affordable, convenient and can be used on many different parts of the body including the back, […]

The Best Infrared Light Therapy Devices for Pain

Fitness Tracker for Kids Reviews – 2017’s Best Products Products Best Features Rating (out of 5) Price Garmin Vivofit Jr   1 year battery life, no need to recharge Good for ages 4-9 Waterproof Comes in cool a number of cool colors   4.4 Check Pricing Leapband Uses a rewards […]

Fitness Trackers for Kids

Menopause can cause a lot of uncomfortable symptoms for women; one way to help alleviate some of these symptoms is to use menopause or perimenopause supplements. Supplements containing natural ingredients like DIM, DHEA or herbs like black cohosh, can be a great alternative to hormone replacement therapy. They can help […]

Ten Best Supplements to Help get you through Menopause

Whether you are limited to a bed for medical reasons or you simply enjoy spending a lot of time in bed, overbed tables are a great investment to help make basic activities like eating, reading, watching TV, doing crosswords or using a computer easier. Overbed tables generally have a rectangular […]

The 4 Most Popular Overbed Tables Review

A quality neck or back massager is well worth the investment if you have knots or pain in your neck or lower back. Not only are they relatively inexpensive when compared to treatment from a massage therapist, they are ready to use when and wherever you may need them. There […]

6 of the Best Neck and Back Massagers

Updated April 12, 2017 There is a lot of confusion about how to determine if you are buying real Manuka Honey. Unfortunately for consumers the market is flooded with honey that claims to be Manuka, but the honey is actually fake and it doesn’t contain any of the compounds that […]

How to Buy the Best Manuka Honey Brands